Twitter: What your favorite players are saying in Twitterland

10 May
@kerrileewalsh (Kerri Walsh)
My husband bought me“A band of MiSFits” 4 mother’s day. It’s about the SF Giants ’10 championship season. I’m on pg1 & crying ... Go Giants!

22 May
@MistyMayTreanor (Misty May-Treanor)
I am about 2 hours 41 min from Joplin, MO. Please pray for the people of Joplin, MO....God Bless everyone!!!

25 May
@caseypatt (Casey Patterson)
Guy Patterson is here. 8.5 lbs 22 inches long and can already jump and touch 11’7”. Ha ha

tk May
@BeachProApril (April Ross)
Congrats @caseypatt and Lexi! Get Guy a volleyball already! Can’t start training too early! BOOM! Team C.Patt/G.Patt??

24 May
@geeter3 (Chris “Geeter” Mcgee)
Congrats @brookbillings @brettquirarte on the engagement, you are a very good looking couple #breeders

4 May
@austinrester (Austin Rester)
Like clockwork there’s ALWAYS Springer or Maury on in the waiting room no matter the dealership/auto repair shop. How are they still on tv?!

25 May
@JenniferKessy (Jennifer Kessy)
Pet peeve, getting stuck next to someone on the plane who just came out of the smoking lounge. Yuck

25 May
@morganebeck (Morgan Beck)
Have no running water so had to brush my teeth with green tea.

25 May
@Nfinity (Nfinity)
Holy AWESOME Glee last night <3 Now what to do on Tuesday’s???

5 May
@uscwomensvolley (USC Women’s Volleyball)
it’s always tougher the closer you get to a title, but we are still proud of the men’s team. Fight On!

Originally published in July 2011

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