Trivia Shootout a Draw in San Antonio

Trivia Shootout, San Antonio, TX
Trivia Shootout, San Antonio, TX

What would you say is your volleyball IQ? For Don Perkins, the head women’s volleyball coach at Kean University in Union, N.J., his tops the charts.

Perkins won the Net Live and VBM Trivia Shootout, presented by Mizuno at the AVCA Convention in San Antonio, Texas, in December. He went up against 31 other contestants in a classic bracket-style tournament answering history questions such as who invented the sport (William Morgan) and what company made the first volleyball (Spalding), to more complex questions about who would be considered the men’s volleyball equivalents to MLB’s The Griffeys (The Stanleys) and which UCLA player was named the NCAA Division I championship’s Most Outstanding Player in 1991 (Natalie Williams).

For his volley knowledge and strategy against his opponents, Perkins won a brand new iPad and valuable gear from Mizuno. Eric Buggs, an assistant women’s volleyball coach at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y., was the runner up, losing to Perkins in the best-of-five-questions final match. Buggs also received a prize pack filled to the brim with gear from Mizuno.

Hosted by Net Live founder Kevin Barnett, who earlier in the day broadcasted a live show from the convention floor, Mississippi State assistant coach Branden Higa served as moderator, often deciding the accuracy of a particular answer. The contest was at different times tense and lively, with the crowd booing and cheering when some participants didn’t know what they thought were exceedingly easy questions (Where did UCLA head coach Mike Sealy go to school? Hint: the answer is in the question).

Originally published in February 2012



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