Beach Volleyball Gains Royal Interest

Beach Volley Gains Royal Interest
Beach Volley Gains Royal Interest

The Members of Parliament of the United Kingdom have already staked their claim to 410 tickets to the beach volleyball competition at this summer’s London Olympics, a striking number in comparison to the 246 tickets purchased for the various track and field events. The media jumped at the chance to accuse the government officials of being overly interested in the skimpy clothing worn by female players, but the MPs protested. Jonathan Stephens, secretary for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, insisted that the staff had merely requested tickets for events occurring on Fridays or over the weekends with prices less than 90 pounds—beach volleyball just happened to fit this description. Additionally, the beach volleyball venue, Horse Guards Parade, is in Westminster, close to the Houses of Parliament and other government offices. The MPs aren’t the only ones getting excited for this Olympics’ beach volleyball competitions; it was one of the first events to sell out. And regardless of the reason, we’re happy to see beach volleyball selling so many tickets and garnering so much attention.

Originally published in March/April 2012

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