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We don’t know who ever first said “It’s just a game,” but he or she definitely wasn’t a true fan. A real devotee lives and breathes the game. This means laughing when the team laughs, crying when the team cries, and, occasionally, sustaining injuries along with the players. Recognizing the needs created by such devotion to the game, TheraPearl has created a new line of packs, wraps, and children's “pals” to help alleviate the pains and sores caused by ardent enthusiasm. Forget the frozen peas! The malleable, reusable, and non-toxic “pearl technology” of TheraPearl can be used both hot or cold, and applied to relieve anything from a stress-induced headache to a dislocated shoulder. But be careful – it won’t help with a bruised ego. Only time and a rematch can soothe that.

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Originally published in May 2012

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