A Quirky Invention

Protect your farmer's market produce.

Quirky Mercado
Quirky Mercado

Quirky, a company whose mission is to bring to life the inventions of the average Joe, has released the answer to grocery shopping woes in the form of their compartmentalized Mercardo bag. Blogger Darya Pino inspired the bag, invented by Peter A. Wachtel, when she got fed up with her farmer’s market produce being smashed and bruised by the time she brought it home. To avoid this issue, Mercado was created with four small interior pockets specifically designed for the most fragile of fruits, two medium interior compartments for larger items, and one large compartment with two elastic loops to hold wine bottles or other tall items, such as leeks or rhubarb, in place. On the outside, the bag has two small pockets that are perfect for your keys, wallet and phone, and the shoulder strap is adjustable to go across the body or over the shoulder, depending on your preference. Try out this creative problem solver and avoid wasting time and money bringing home ruined produce.

$24.99, Quirky

Originally published in July 2012

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