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Active Ankle
Active Ankle

Active Ankle Systems, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development of high value, high function ankle and foot products. Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Podiatrists, and Orthopedic Physicians use the Active Ankle braces for athlete and patient care injury prevention and rehabilitation protocols. We are dedicated to innovative engineering and committed to quality functional products that help people perform at their best. With a combination of rigid ankle braces and lace-up ankle supports, we have a complete product line that offers something for everyone.

Each brace provides features and benefits that are specific to a variety of preferences. All our braces fit the left or right ankle. Our rigid braces are best for maximum protection and prevention of ankle injury. They all feature a u-shaped footplate and performance hinge that allows the brace to work with your normal range of motion, but helps prevent you from rolling the ankle significantly.

Our original rigid brace, the T1, has two straps and neoprene padding and comes in white and black. Our T2, our most popular rigid, offers one strap for a quick fit and EVA padding. Our latest rigid brace, the Volt, has a reinforced plate for lightweight performance with a single strap and dual fastening option for a more customized fit along with a molded bearing hinge design for smoother range of motion. Lined with fabric backed EVA padding, the Volt padding system provides durability and comfort.

Our lace-up braces are just as diverse. The Excel lace-up brace is the newest addition to the lace-up line and provides the comfort and mobility of a lace-up with the security of a “tape job” with its unique total control lacing system that tightens all the way around. The AS1 is designed for comfort and mobility with greater support than tape and non-stretch straps that imitate the heel lock of a traditional tape job. The Power Lacer is the highest level of lace-up support and protection with a unique Y-shaped vertical stabilization strap that controls the forefoot and heel and easy to fit and adjust as you play.

For more information on our complete line from the most trusted name in ankle protection, check out Active Ankle. The site offers video fitting instructions, testimonials, size charts, and overall ankle health and care information.


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