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Germ Ninja was developed by Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg to remove dangerous germs from balls used in sports

We all love sports. The thrilling buzz of the game, expert skills, powerful sportsmanship – we soak it all up. But the germs that can spread through multiple people making contact with the same ball? Not so much. As athletes we sometimes forget about the risk found in the spread of harmful bacteria such as the most common outbreaks of MRSA. Luckily, you can now say goodbye to these unwanted germs with the help of Jaypro Sports’ newest project, the Germ Ninja. It was first used by the USA Olympic volleyball team in London this summer and is now available for public gyms, schools, and athletic facilities. This cutting-edge sanitizing machine disinfects sports balls with the use of UVC technology to destroy the dangerous culprits of these widespread infectious diseases. It’s also quick and efficient – it can treat 22 volleyballs in five short minutes. The Germ Ninja was developed by Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg to make playing sports all the more fun and safer for everyone.

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Originally published in November 2012

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