Your Spring Break Travel Fitness Plan

A beach vacation doesn’t have to thwart your healthy living ways. pack this guide when you head south this spring and keep your exercise and eating in check.

(A) Side plank position

It’s not easy to break old habits. Luckily, there are some habits, like training hard and eating clean, that aren’t meant to be broken. If you’ve been committed to your fitness goals since New Year’s (or longer), you may fear that a disruption in your daily routine while on spring break may unravel your progress.

Have no fear. With a few easy preparations you can feel comfort in knowing that your healthy lifestyle won’t be left behind. You can start by packing a TRX suspension trainer. Just squeeze in this TRX travel workout between lounging on the beach and sipping frozen drinks and you may come back from vacation stronger and leaner—and certainly more bronzed—than when your flight took off, especially if you bring some of your own snacks for the trip.

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The Beach Body TRX Travel Workout

Before you overload your suitcase, save a bit of space for a TRX. Thankfully bikinis and flip flops don’t take up too much room, and this portable lightweight device will be easy to pack. It offers a full-body workout that will challenge every muscle. Best of all, it’s time efficient; there’s no down time re-racking weights or going from one machine to the next. Everything is already included – your bodyweight, gravity, and hundreds of exercise possibilities work together with the TRX to give you an intense workout. Hook the system up to your hotel door, a wooden beam, chin up bar or palm tree and get going!

Perform 8-12 reps of each exercise for 2-3 sets.

Rotational Side Plank

- Position the foot cradles low, about 8 inches above the ground. Come down to the ground. Place both feet in the cradles.
- Come into a side plank position with your right forearm on the ground and left arm extended up towards the sky. Stabilize your body and try to avoid any swinging motion to maintain alignment. (A)
- Keeping tension on your abs, thread your left arm between your side and the ground as your hips slightly rotate downward and then return to the start position. (B)
Repeat on the other side.

Atomic Push-Up

- Position the foot cradles low, about 8 inches above the ground. Place your feet in the cradles; come into a push up position with your hands spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart. (C)
- Perform a push up by bending your elbows and lowering your chest towards the ground and then push back up to the start position.
- Contract your abs and immediately draw your knees in towards your chest. (D)
Return to pushup position and repeat.


- Position the foot cradles low, about 8 inches above the ground. Place your feet in the cradles; flip over into push up position with your hands spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart. (E)
- Contract your abs as you lift your hips upward forming an inverted v. (F)
- Return to push up position and repeat.

Single Leg Squat

- Grasp the handles. Start with your feet hip distance apart.
- Lift your left foot off the ground and send it straight out in front of you.
- Bend your right knee and lower into a squat. (G)
- Contract your glutes as you push back up to the start position.
- Repeat on the other side.

Inverted Row

- Grasp the handles with palms facing each other. Keep your feet shoulder width apart.
- Lower yourself down by extending your arms, keeping your body in alignment (don’t let your hips sink). (H)
- Bend your elbows and pull yourself upward by squeezing your shoulder blades together. (I)
- Return to the start position and repeat.

Jump Squat

- Grasp the handles. Begin by standing with your feet hip distance apart.
- Bend your knees to lower into a squat. (J)
- Jump upward. (K)
- Land softly in the squat position and repeat.

Originally published in March/April 2013


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