Volleyball Dad Creates Recruit App

College Sports Recruit app was created by volley-dad Brian Chapman.

Trying to be recruited can be time consuming and stressful: constantly searching athletic department websites for coaches’ emails and phone numbers, or even just browsing lists of schools and trying to decide which programs you’re interested in, can take hours.

The College Sports Recruit App addresses this complicated process by taking the information prospective college athletes need and compiling it into a program on your cell phone, so you’ll always have it with you. The app comes in different regions and divisions, so if you’ve eliminated your college search down to a Division I program in the Southeast, you don’t have to have all those extraneous schools bogging down your app.

CS Recruit creator Brian Chapman found the inspiration for the app during his 16-year-old daughter’s overwhelming recruiting process. After creating a giant spreadsheet of coaches’ contact information, Chapman figured there had to be a better way for his daughter to access that info. Having developed apps before, Chapman took it upon himself to create an e-spreadsheet of sorts that his daughter could easily carry around so she could call coaches whenever she had a spare moment.

Now the app has gone public, and is available for $4.99. Under each program’s tab is a button to call or email the coach or assistant coach, or visit the team’s website. There’s even a tab for each USAV qualifier, a links page, and direct hook up to Twitter.

As of now the app is only available for Apple products, but Chapman hopes to expand into the Android market and create apps for other varsity sports.

Originally published in May 2013

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