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These headbands from Hair Huggers stay perfectly in place thanks to their velvety backed ribbons. Prices vary with style,

What’s the most popular booth on the show floor at big juniors’ tournaments? It’s not the event photographers or the massage tables, or even the booth selling tournament T-shirts. It’s the headband vendors that have crowds of girls sifting through piles of glitter, lace, and embellished hair accessories.

Maybe we can thank Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl for bringing headbands back, but if that’s the case, the volleyball market has morphed her often flamboyant bow-and-flower-covered hair accessories into a trend that fits our athletic needs, doing away with hard plastic and cardboard and employing special sweat-wicking fabrics and grip technology.

While at the Colorado Crossroads and Las Vegas qualifier juniors’ tournaments in March, the VBM staff noticed a few things that are really big in the headband world. Many girls like to pull the band over the tips of their ears—we aren’t entirely sure if this is just a look or an attempt to keep the ears warm in those drafty convention centers. Similarly, some players will pull the headband all the way to the top of the forehead, echoing a basketball player’s sweatband or ninja tie headband, but the players make sure the headband stays high on the forehead, so as to not create too severe of a look. And don’t forget the growing trend of having a sassy saying blazed across your headband, like the ones from Bondi Band: “You wish you could hit like a girl;” “Play hard or go home;” or “Beast.” (

Here are some of our favorite brands to check out:

Originally published in June 2013

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