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Advance your workout gear, hygiene, and recovery with these sharp new products

The 110% Juggler Knickers help you recover using the combination of ice and compression.

Wicked Audio “Chill” Headphones

Earbuds are totally out. Walk into a convention center during a big juniors’ tournament and you’ll see over-the-ear headphones of all brands and colors instead. If you’re looking for a pair for yourself that won’t cost your entire college deposit, try these lightweight and comfortable headphones from Wicked Audio. The “Chill” headphones have squishy pads on the over-the-ear speakers that make them perfect for long listening sessions in the gym or courtside.


110% Juggler Knickers

Some days, after a tournament or in the middle of preseason three-a-days, a single bag of ice plastic-wrapped to your knee is just not enough. With the 110% Juggler Knickers, you can wear your cold therapy by tucking custom ice packets into the slots in the pants, and the special double-spandex capris provide compression that helps prevent swelling and shortens recovery time. (For more about swelling and inflammation, see “Inflame No More” on p. 22.) Supposedly, you can even wear the pants while training or playing your sport, but we don’t suggest them for volleyball. They feel like wearing three pairs of pants at once – very restraining. Definitely good to keep in the bag for after though.


Coobie Sport Bra

Made from super comfortable seamless stretch fabric, the Coobie Sport Bra is great for volleyball players, barring you aren’t someone who needs extra support. (For those women, the Coobie might be best for low-impact training like yoga or bike riding.) Available in vibrant colors like charcoal, hot pink, Bahama blue, and plum, as well as your standard black and white, the seamless Coobie looks sleek under thin jerseys.


Jubilee! Yoga Mat Spray

While you’re working on your yoga headstand to prevent rotator cuff injuries (see “Turn Rehab on Its Head,” p. 20), make sure your mat smells good and stays free of germs and oils by using Jubilee Organic’s Multipurpose Mist. Also great for use on all kinds of workout equipment, the disinfecting mist is all natural and smells amazing. Not to mention the company’s founder Nicole Barrote is an active member of the San Diego volleyball community, and we should always support our own.

$12.99 for 2 oz. bottle,

Originally published in August 2013

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