20-minute Power Workout

Minutes 5-8 (A)

This workout is not designed for the faint of heart. It is recommended for more advanced individuals, however it can be modified for beginners. It is high intensity, short duration and is sure to burn calories post work out. This is also more than just a physical workout—you will be working your mind and spirit as well. When all three are activated, the results you will produce in your life will be faster and more efficient.
When doing this workout, make sure to set your intention—get clear about the result you would like to achieve in any area of your life. For example: career = prosperity; relationship = fun and play; health and well being = strength and vitality. Write your intention down so that you can see it somewhere while working out. Keep a notepad and pen nearby so you can easily take notes, and write down any ideas that you get about your intention. Hold the idea throughout your workout and visualize what you would like to experience in that particular area of your life. Get a clear picture in your mind’s eye and be sure to connect to the feeling you are having while connecting to the intention. Now you are stimulating your mind while working your body.

Minutes 0 – 5

  • Cardio in fat zone target range
    Example: 220 – your age (32) = max heart rate (188)
    (188) x .65% = 122bpm
    (188) x .85% = 159bpm
    122 < > 159 = fat burn zone.

Minutes 5 – 8

  • Plank hold for 30 seconds. With forearms on the ground shoulder width apart and ankles together, rise up on forearms and toes. Squeeze inner thighs, tighten abs. Muscles used: Lats, gluts, adductors, quads, upper back extensors and abs (A)
  • Continue with “walking on the ceiling abs” for 30 seconds. Laying on your back, extend one leg up towards the ceiling, reach arms and lightly touch back of calve for support, extend other leg in front of you and raise about three inches off the floor. Bring shoulders off the ground into an ab-crunch position. Now switch legs as you exhale each time. Muscles used: Hamstrings and abs (B)
  • Finish with squat, standing curl and press over head for two minutes. Stand shoulder width apart bending both knees to squat position holding dumbbells, keep back straight. Stand up while doing a bicep curl with both arms. Press both arms up over head while rotating wrist to a shoulder press. Muscles used: Quadriceps, gluts, biceps, deltoids and abs (C, D, E)

Minutes 8 – 9

  • Continue with cardio for one minute at your max heart rate (remember your intention!)

Minutes 9 – 12

  • Standing ab twist with ball for 30 seconds. Standing shoulder width apart, hold ball close to chest. Twist side to side keeping your hips forward. Exhale at each twist. Pull abs up and in towards spine as you rotate. Muscles used: Oblique’s and gluts (F, G)
  • Finish with triceps extensions on a flat bench for 2 minutes. Lay on stomach on flat bench. With dumbbells in each hand, raise cheast off bench while bringing both elbows in by your side for your starting position. Keep you neck in line with your spine. Chin down towards chest. Push dumbbells back towards hips and then back into starting position. Keep elbows by hips the entire exercise. Muscles used: Triceps, upper back extensors, gluts, adductors and abs. (K)

Minute 12 – 13

  • Continue with cardio for one minute at your max heart rate (remember your intention!)

Minutes 13 – 17

  • Put it all together:
    ° Plank hold for 30 seconds
    ° “Walking on ceiling abs” for 30 seconds
    ° Squat, standing curl and press over head for 1 minute
    ° Standing ab twist with ball for 15 seconds
    ° Alternating side lunges with ball for 15 seconds
    ° Triceps extensions on flat bench for 1 minute

Minutes 17 – 20

  • Meditation (L)
    Get in a comfortable position. Take slow, deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Allow your heart rate to come down. Think of one thing in your life you are most grateful for and give thanks to that. Now think of another and then one more. Notice how you are feeling now. By raising your vibration to a higher thought you are now sending out a higher vibration and will attract that vibration into your human energy field.

    I call this the R.A.Y. method workout: Radiance About Yourself. The focus is to stimulate your mind, body and spirit all at one time which increases your ability to maximize your life and your results, illuminating your energy from the inside out.

Originally published in January 2011

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