The Sun Is Shining

Aubrey Everett
Aubrey Everett

I have been working on VBM for nearly a year, and one of the highlights of being with this magazine (and of my magazine career) was the opportunity to interview Kerri Walsh for this month’s cover story. Being located on the East Coast necessitated that this interview be conducted over the phone, but even with 3,000 miles between us her personality and intensely sunny demeanor radiated straight through the phone. Whoever first called her “Six Feet of Sunshine” was spot on.

And that sunshine no doubt increased in potency when Walsh had her two boys Joey and Sundance (how fitting!) over the past two years. When she speaks of them, and the joy they have brought to her life, it is nearly impossible not to let a smile creep across your face.

But as Kerri readily acknowledges in this issue, her path to a possible third Olympic gold will likely not be as sunny. There are qualification issues and controversial proposals that all serve simply as a distraction to her and Misty’s ultimate goal at the end of every day: winning. Flip to page 30 to read more about Kerri, her kids and her passionate dedication to her craft.

I would also like to bring your attention to a couple other features we have been working on that you may have noticed in the last issue, and will continue to see going forward. One of our favorites is the decision to combine our recipe and nutrition articles. Each issue we offer readers an in-depth look at a nutrition topic or issue facing athletes, written by a leading professional in the health industry. And now, we will be pairing a recipe with each article to further that nutritional tutorial. This month UCLA’s Director of Sports Nutrition, Becci Twombley, explains to us why popular cleanses are unnecessary (your body takes care of that naturally), while chef Andre Sickinger offers up a recipe for salmon with whole wheat noodles that will aid in that natural cleansing process.

Another exciting addition is our “Play Here Now” feature. Each issue we will pick an upcoming volleyball event—indoor, outdoor, prep, professional, etc.—and give you all the details you will need to stay and enjoy yourself while attending the tournament. This issue we recommend combining a trip to the Windy City of Chicago with July’s Corona Light Wide Open tour stop. And as our writer points out, Hot Doug’s should be a must-eat on your to-do list.

To add to these small but exciting additions, in December Volleyball magazine will turn the ripe old age of 35. Our venerable magazine has been through a lot in its three and a half decade history and we appreciate all of our readers who have stuck by our side through thick and thin. It is your calls, letters, emails, Facebook posts and tweets that keep us in the loop and on our toes. So keep it up! Send a note to the above email address and expect a reply back soon—we appreciate and value our reader’s opinions.

Originally published in June 2011

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