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07/18/14  •  Music

Party Rockin’ Tracks

Impress your summer party guests with this DJ approved playlist


07/09/14  •  AVP Blog

DJ Roueche's AVP Blog: Milwaukee

DJ Roueche breaks out the country music and Kerri and April win again


06/19/14  •  Articles

Discover New Music

VBM's music editor highlights his favorite new music


06/09/14  •  Team USA

Vol-B-Que III and USA vs. Russia

DJ Roueche recaps the weekend's volleyball tailgate and World League competition


06/03/14  •  AVP Blog

DJ Roueche's AVP Blog: St. Pete

Brad Keenan wins his first title with partner John Mayer


05/22/14  •  Music

What will be the song of the summer?

Some tracks to get your summer started off right


04/23/14  •  Music

Outkast Essentials Playlist

This hip hop duo is headlining all the best festivals this summer


02/28/14  •  Music

Harness the Power of Binaural Beats

Music for the Brain


01/24/14  •  Music

New Year, New Music

DJ Roueche looks into his crystal ball to determine which artists we can anticipate new music from this year


12/16/13  •  Music

DJ Roueche's 2013 Music Awards

The best songs, artists, and albums of the past year


11/05/13  •  Music

Musical Motivation

Let this songs shoot you through those tough workouts


10/23/13  •  AVP Blog

Farewell For Now, AVP. Love, DJR

DJ Roueche wraps up the season with a recap of the Huntington Beach event and a look at the year as a whole


10/07/13  •  AVP Blog

A Return to Cali for AVP

DJR was happy to be back in his home state for the second-to-last AVP event, the Santa Barbara Open


09/18/13  •  AVP Blog

DJR Takes a Rainy Romp in St. Petersburg

Despite the finals being postponed or canceled, DJs, players, and fans alike had a great time in St. Pete.


09/11/13  •  AVP Blog

An Intimate and Inviting AVP in Atlantic City

DJR finds himself quite impressed with the show IMG, the AVP, and Atlantic City were able to put together


09/06/13  •  Music

Hip Hop Reboot

Luckily for us, hip hop is experiencing another renaissance



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Jeremy Roueche has been controlling dance floors in the Los Angeles area for over 15 years and has been Volleyball's music contributor since 2009. He has been the official DJ for the AVP Tour since 2003 and is currently the music director for the Los Angeles Clippers. Each issue DJ Roueche puts together a playlist and music commentary especially for VBM readers, and now you can listen to his selections on Spotify. For more information visit