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02/24/11  •  Nutrition

Using Sports Drinks for Maximum Peformance

Walk into any athletic facility, gym, or even gas station and you will most likely find someone sipping on a sports drink. Sports drinks are extremely popular and there are more and more types appearing on store shelves every month—but do they work? Which...



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Dr. Mike Roussell is a nutritional consultant and author who earned his PhD in Nutrition at The Pennsylvania State University and authored the book “Your Naked Nutrition Guide” (Self Published, 2007) in addition to serving as the nutritionist for “Power Training” (Rodale, 2007) and “Strength Training Cardio” (Rodale, 2010). Dr. Roussell has also explored the pros and cons of sports drinks (Sports Drinks: How to Use them to Maximum Performance). He maintains a popular diet and nutrition blog at mikeroussell.com.