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06/04/12  •  Features

Summer Volleyball Series

The Jose Cuervo tour kicked off Memorial Day weekend.


05/06/12  •  Features

Jon Stanley: The Golden Years

Regarded by many as the top player in the world for his age.


05/02/12  •  Features

The Unique Mission of SPIRE Institute

Changing the Face of Volleyball and American Athletics


03/16/12  •  Features

A Volleyball Star's Meteoric Rise

Sometimes it is just meant to be; that is the case for Shelly Fanning.


09/09/11  •  Features

Special Olympians Reach for Gold—And Catch It!

Athens: Summer, 2011.


08/22/11  •  Features

The NYUPAL: In a League of Its Own

John Bykowsky has tried many different things in his life. He played football for Boston College. He tried to produce Woodstock 2. He drove a taxi. He worked as a New York City lawyer. He started his own law practice. But it wasn’t until one fateful day...


05/27/11  •  Features

Tia Juliano: Not Your Average American Girl

At first glance, Tia Juliano may seem like your average American girl. She listens to Taylor Swift, hangs out at the mall with her friends, serves on the student council, and loves volleyball with a passion. But there’s one big difference between Tia and...


05/25/11  •  Articles

The Spectacular Rise of St. James Academy

When St. James Academy first opened its doors in the fall of 2005, it’s unlikely that even the school’s most starry-eyed dreamer envisioned capturing a national sports title in a mere six years. But clearly, St. James Academy is not your average school...


03/21/11  •  Features

Mind Link: Katy and Tori Daniels

Katy and Tori Daniels have an unusual edge over other high school players: a rare gift, possessed by maybe 3 percent of the population. They can read each other’s minds. “We seem to have some sort of telepathy on the court,” said setter Tori, the older of...



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Jason Childress is a journalist, screenwriter, poet, and author of two acclaimed novels: The Life of St. Dufus and Mediocrates: The Lost Philosopher of Athens. A musician, Mozart enthusiast, and synchronized swimmer, Childress is a regular contributor to Volleyball magazine.