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08/20/14  •  Women's

Women’s NCAA Preview 2014

VBM gathers all the facts and stats you need to prepare for the new women's college volleyball season


06/03/14  •  NCAA All-Americans

2014 NCAA Men’s All-Americans

Taylor Sander tops this year's All-American teams


01/10/14  •  Men's

2014 NCAA Men’s Volleyball Season Preview

Our top teams at the start of the historic 2014 season


08/19/13  •  Women's

Women’s NCAA Preview 2013

Our thoughts on the field of teams fighting for this year's national championship



About Deb Kniffin


Deb Kniffin played volleyball at Iowa State University from 2008-2011 under head coach, Christy Johnson-Lynch. After graduating in 2012 with a Bachelors in English and Technical Communication, she completed a communications internship at the USAV headquarters in Colorado Springs and subsequently served as Program Director for USAV’s Badger Region. Deb currently lives in Southern California where she is a freelance writer.