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08/20/14  •  NCAA

Women’s NCAA Preview 2014

VBM gathers all the facts and stats you need to prepare for the new women's college volleyball season


06/03/14  •  NCAA All-Americans

2014 NCAA Men’s All-Americans

Taylor Sander tops this year's All-American teams


01/10/14  •  NCAA

2014 NCAA Men’s Volleyball Season Preview

Our top teams at the start of the historic 2014 season


08/19/13  •  NCAA

Women’s NCAA Preview 2013

Our thoughts on the field of teams fighting for this year's national championship


About Deb Kniffin


Deb Kniffin played volleyball at Iowa State University from 2008-2011 under head coach, Christy Johnson-Lynch. After graduating in 2012 with a Bachelors in English and Technical Communication, she completed a communications internship at the USAV headquarters in Colorado Springs and subsequently served as Program Director for USAV’s Badger Region. Deb currently lives in Southern California where she is a freelance writer.