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05/27/11  •  Nutrition

Living Vegetarian

Life as a vegetarian athlete can be challenging, especially when traveling. But a vegetarian lifestyle can support optimal health and athletic performance if the challenges are understood. Athletes who consume a balanced and wide variety of foods in moderation...


04/07/11  •  Nutrition

How to East Healthy While Traveling

“I have a set routine for home games. But when we play on the road, my diet goes out the window,” complained Sarah, a former UNH student athlete. “We never know what we’ll get to eat when we’re traveling. A lot of times I feel lousy during away games. My...



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Dr. Dennis Bobilya is an expert in how to maximize athletic performance with nutritional strategies and has been a professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of New Hampshire in Durham since 1991. He teaches advanced courses in Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Biochemistry, Mineral Nutrition, and Vitamin Nutrition. Bobilya’s research includes studies on the importance of minerals, like zinc and iron, in athletic performance. He also has a nutrition consulting service for athletes in Portsmouth, N.H., Seacoast Sports Nutrition, LLC. For information visit