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04/02/14  •  From Our Court

A Great Run

Nearly four years ago, my publisher asked me to swing into her office for a chat. For anyone who works in an office with a boss, you know these “chats” can turn out to be great or…not so great. Thankfully for me, this one was definitely the former. There...


02/19/14  •  From Our Court

Stay or go?

VBM editor Aubrey Everett contemplates the college choices of our Fab 50 selections


11/14/13  •  From Our Court

Take Their Advice

The January issue features tips from top coaches


08/28/13  •  From Our Court

Choose Volleyball

Much to her delight, VBM's editor's step-daughter will play volleyball in the fall.


07/29/13  •  From Our Court

Sweat It Out

Editor Aubrey Everett shares her favorite health tips


04/29/13  •  From Our Court


In most parts of life multitasking is essential, but in a match you should be totally focused.


04/19/13  •  From Our Court

Spring into Summer

VBM editor Aubrey Everett asks, do you get spring fever?


03/07/13  •  From Our Court

Spring Break -- I Miss You

VBM Editor Aubrey Everett mourns the classic college spring break


01/13/13  •  From Our Court

The Highs and the Lows

The VBM editor contemplates the benefits of playing competitive sports


11/25/12  •  From Our Court

How Do You Stay Motivated?

VBM Editor Aubrey Everett shares her fitness motivation tips for the new year


10/24/12  •  From Our Court

Volleyball Strength

Editor Aubrey Everett gives her take on the amazing volleyball community


05/31/12  •  From Our Court

Volleyball Magazine Now Available on the iPad!

Search the App Store for Volleyball magazine and start reading.


04/16/12  •  From Our Court

Hello Summer

VBM editor welcomes in the sunny season.


03/11/12  •  From Our Court

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Call us cliché, but on December 31 my husband and I walked into our local gym and signed up for dual memberships. Us, and the thousands of other people in our community who were making a resolution to get fit. Since the beginning of the year we have been...


01/19/12  •  From Our Court

The San Antonio Experience

As a 5’2” woman, I feel short on a somewhat regular basis. But if I really want to be reminded of my shortness, there is no place better than the AVCA Convention and NCAA Women’s Finals in December. That is where I found myself a week before Christmas, covering...


11/19/11  •  From Our Court

Celebrating 35 Years of Volleyball

Where were you in December of 1976?



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