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10/30/11  •  From Our Court

Setting Fitness Goals, and Achieving Them

Editor Aubrey Everett ran a marathon in 2009.


09/16/11  •  From Our Court

It’s a Girl’s World

Let’s just get this out there: Us girls love an excuse to shop.


07/12/11  •  From Our Court

New Beginnings

We often look to January as the time when we are all afforded a fresh start and new things are beginning and getting off the ground. But halfway through the year, in the summer months, the same kind of rebirth can just as easily happen. Take for example...


05/25/11  •  Features

Kerri Walsh: Ready for Battle

“We’ll make you proud.” This is the salutation Kerri Walsh gave just before ending her recent interview with Volleyball magazine. And from what we can tell, she means it. The two-time Olympic Gold medalist, three-time World Champion and now mother of two...



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