Sean Rosenthal

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RepresentsUnited States
Height 6'3"
Birthday June 19, 1980
Residence Corona Del Mar, CA
Home Town Redondo Beach, CA
Game Type(s) Beach

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10/03/11  •  Articles

Jennings and Saldago, Kessy and Ross Win Hermosa Beach Open

First-time winners Jennings and Saldago relish their victory.

12/15/11  •  Serve It Up

Jennings and Salgado Win Hermosa

The pair beat out Rosenthal and Gibb for the win.

04/15/12  •  Features

Doubt Surrounds Summer Beach Volleyball Schedule

U.S. pro beach scene still a bit hazy.

09/28/12  •  Features

Huntington Beach Hosts Jose Cuervo USA Championships

Kroop/Pavlik and Hyden/Scott Crowned


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