John Hyden

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Height 6'5"
Birthday October 07, 1972
Residence Sherman Oaks, CA
Home Town San Diego, CA
School San Diego State
Game Type(s) Indoor/Beach

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02/24/11  •  The Quick

Hyden Enters Aztec Hall of Fame

Former San Diego State volleyball star John Hyden (1992-95) was...

07/14/11  •  The Quick

NVL Crowns First Champs: John Hyden & Sean Scott and Tealle Hunkus & Heather Lowe

The beach pairs of John Hyden and Sean Scott and Tealle Hunkus...

10/13/11  •  Features

Volley Excitement at the 2011 Manhattan Beach Open

Scott and Hyden win venerable tournament.

09/28/12  •  Features

Huntington Beach Hosts Jose Cuervo USA Championships

Kroop/Pavlik and Hyden/Scott Crowned


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