The world’s best players came out to play this past weekend on the Atlantic Ocean. The FIVB Fort Lauderdale Major was one of only three five-star events this year and the biggest tournament in North America this year.

Steady winds challenged the competitors on the outside courts, acting as an equalizer and creating plenty of drama. photo editor Ed Chan and Chicago-based freelance photographer Michael Gomez captured the action. Here are their favorite photos.

Michael Gomez-Fort Lauderdale-FIVB Beach-Beach Major Series
Michael Gomez at work/Ed Chan,

Gomez specializes in sports photography. He has a passion for professional beach volleyball and can frequently be seen on Oak St. Beach. He is a former player of 25+ years who wanted to fill the void  left by competitive volleyball, and decided to pick up a camera and share his passion with the world.  His new goal is to photograph the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

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