Our great sport is one that can be played indoors and outdoors, and as such, there never is a  shortage of accessories that can be used for one or both disciplines. Here are five to keep in mind:

1. Wrap your face with a custom neck gaiter — Now more than ever, a neck gaiter provides a versatile use, not only in protection against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but also when it comes to protection from the sun and other natural elements. You can wear a neck gaiter as a face mask, neck covering, headwrap and more. When choosing a neck gaiter, choose one with both moisture-wicking technology and UPF30+ sun protection, ensuring you keep yourself safe and protection from the elements.

2. Don’t forget about your feet — When playing beach volleyball in sunny and hot temperatures, odds are the sand you are playing on will mirror the reading on the thermometer — hot, hot, hot. Make sure you take care of your feet in these conditions with a pair of socks designed for sand play. These types of socks also can protect from wet and cold sand conditions, so your feet are prepared for any kind of sand element.

3. The sun also can hurt your eyes — Your skin isn’t the only part of your body suspectable to prolonged exposure to the sun. Your eyes are just as vulnerable to the sun’s rays, so make sure you keep them properly protected. Whether you are playing in an important beach volleyball tournament or driving your daughter to that weekend club tournament three hours away, make sure your eyes are protected with a quality pair of sunglasses.

4. Ankle injuries are no joke — Volleyball is one of those sports that by its inherent nature has a high incidence of ankle injuries. A high-quality ankle-support product can help reduce the likelihood of injury and provide a good piece of mind.

5. Whistle blower — A major part of our sport are the men and women who officiate it. And a key component to any volleyball official’s repertoire is a high-quality whistle. With the world still in the midst of a pandemic, electronic whistles have gained widespread popularity in the officiating community due to their hygienic properties.


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