A Great Run

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Nearly four years ago, my publisher asked me to swing into her office for a chat. For anyone who works in an office with a boss, you know these chats can turn out to be great ornot so great. Thankfully for me, this one was definitely the former. There was a position to fill, and she asked me if I would like to take over as managing editor of Volleyball magazine.

Wow! I was equally surprised, flattered, and terrified of the assignment. I had a solid journalism and sports background, but I didnt know much about volleyball.

Man, have I learned a lot about this fantastic sport since that fateful chat. I discovered the differences (and similarities) between beach and indoor; quickly became familiar with names like Phil Dalhausser and Karch Kiraly (I already knew Misty and Kerri who doesnt?); interviewed Kerri for a cover feature; attended four NCAA championships; and scrolled through countless action shots of high-flying players from across the competitive spectrum. Over these years, volleyball, and Volleyball, have come to hold a special place in my heart.

It is with this sentiment, and those memories, that I announce this issue to be my last as editor as I move onto other opportunities with our parent publisher, Madavor Media. I am passing the torch to Vic Williams, a longtime sports editor and writer, who I know will do a phenomenal job at the helm. My remarkable and diligent No. 2, Megan Kaplon, will step up as Associate Editor. Much of the improvement and quick-wittedness youve seen in the pages of Volleyball over the last year are due to her. I feel supremely confident handing the magazine off to this capable duo.

Although I will no longer work directly on each issue of Volleyball, through my new and exciting duties with Madavor I will continue to track the magazine’s progress. Id like to personally thank you for reading over the past four years and I hope you stay on as loyal readers and subscribers. We couldnt be successful without you.

Aubrey Everett


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