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Lee Feinswog and Ed Chan at the 2016 NCAA Women's Division I Volleyball Championship in Columbus, Ohio
Lee Feinswog and Ed Chan at the 2016 NCAA Women’s Division I Volleyball Championship in Columbus, Ohio


More than just journalists, we’re fans of Volleyball and totally integrated into the sport. We’ve been to the tournaments, we’ve seen how hard the players train and how dedicated the fans are. And we know that players, coaches and fans want more—not less—coverage of the sport. That’s why, when we heard that Volleyball magazine was available, we jumped on it. We’ve re-launched the magazine as a digital publication, expanding its coverage.

The new VolleyballMag.com features a modernized design that better highlights our coverage and is optimized for use on mobile devices. In addition to the homepage, which spotlights the hottest volleyball news, the site now features five special sections to provide more detailed coverage on specific topics: NCAA Men, NCAA Women, Junior Girls, Beach and Professional.

Ed is the premiere volleyball photographer in the world and his VBshots.com boasts more than 100,000 of the best pictures our sport has ever seen. Lee is the only mainstream sportswriter who covers volleyball. As the author of three books and longtime TV host, his feature stories and video interviews formed the foundation of his website, DestinationVolleyball.com.

Now it’s all coming together as VolleyballMag.com.

Ed Chan + Lee Feinswog