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Lee Feinswog and Ed Chan at the 2016 NCAA Women's Division I Volleyball Championship in Columbus, Ohio
Lee Feinswog and Ed Chan at the 2016 NCAA Women’s Division I Volleyball Championship in Columbus, Ohio

A note from Lee Feinswog:

Ed Chan and I took over Volleyball magazine in the spring of 2016 and launched the new VolleyballMag.com website on August 1. It was a bold step for a nearly four-decades old publication, leaving print completely and going strictly digital.

But it enabled us to cover the sport on all fronts every day, from NCAA women’s and men’s indoors, to college and pro beach, to the pros and our USA national teams.

Sadly, Ed died in September 2021 not long after he got back from covering the Tokyo Olympics where he photographed nearly every single USA match, men’s and women’s, indoors and on the sand. When he died, Ed was in Chicago covering AVP. Ed loved beach volleyball more than anything except his wife, Julie. Please read this tribute we did about him.

Ed was the top volleyball photographer in the world. That’s why I originally wrote this piece, because he didn’t brag on himself. His work has been part of the magazine for, well, basically forever. You should also check out his website, VBshots.com, where all his photos remain.

As far as I go, I’m one of just a few mainstream sportswriters who cover volleyball. My resume includes being the LSU basketball beat writer for many years and I’ve written three books, two about LSU football and another called HoopDaddy, about fathers, sons and basketball. I’m also the host and producer of the Baton Rouge TV show Sports 225 (sports225.com).

But I also owned a girls club, Volleyball Baton Rouge, before retiring it in 2019 after 20 years. I started writing for Volleyball magazine in 2012. I love our sport and its culture and am thrilled to be involved in volleyball every day.

Contact me any time, at lee@volleyballmag.com. We love to hear from our readers, whether it’s about story ideas for me or our many freelancers, attaboys and, yes, corrections and criticisms.