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IN QUARANTINE –– Sara Hughes was doing yoga. JM Plummer was doing an upper-body workout using resistance bands in his living room. Mark Burik and his girlfriend attempted to pepper in his living room before it went terribly awry. Eric Beranek was doing — well, nobody is entirely sure what Beranek was doing, but he was running, sort of, in his apartment.

Going a little crazy.

We are all going a little bit crazy these days.

Offices are off limits. Gyms are closed. So are the beaches, if you’re an entirely law-abiding citizen and you listen to the releases by the city (Hint: Not everybody is).

But people are going to find ways to stay in shape, because that’s what athletes do. In times of stress and discomfort, as these are, that is precisely what people must do.

“Moving is huge,” said Chelsea Ortega, who is a trainer and clinical director at Evolution Physical Therapy in El Segundo, California. “Keeping moving, especially if you’re an athlete, is huge. If you don’t do that, depression can set in. You’re already not playing your sport, you’re missing your teammates, there’s all these other components. If you keep moving, we get so many other positive reactions from our body naturally just by working out. Moving as much as you can in the meantime is huge.”

Ortega has seen this strange stretch of mandated work at home and quarantine hours as an opportunity to mix things up. Change the workout routine. A former runner, Ortega competed in the Los Angeles Marathon two years ago and hadn’t run up until a few days ago. But with no gym to go to, she put in a 25-minute at-home workout circuit and then went for a five-mile jog.

“I’m looking at this as an opportunity to do a more metabolic and endurance phase, doing more (high interval training) workouts or endurance runs, things like that that are outside, just building that into your overall training program is a positive thing,” she said. “Just thinking of it as an opportunity to access new systems that you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to use and doing things that your body might not normally do.”

Emily Day is doing much the same.

One of the fittest players on the AVP Tour, Day is a regular at the USA Volleyball gym in Torrance. When USA Volleyball shut its doors earlier this week, she asked trainer Christian Hartford for an at-home program. For the next few weeks, you will be able to find Day in her living room doing jump squats on a yoga mat, tossing a medicine ball in her driveway, running hills behind her house.

“I think having a schedule and scheduling in a workout is important because I feel like you can get lost in the day and time slips by and then you don’t have time,” Day said. “I think it’s important to schedule in time to move, whether it’s walking around the block, listening to a podcast, getting fresh air, because that’s important. Make little circuits. Pick a leg exercise, arm exercise, ab exercise. Go through it for three rounds then pick another three to do.”

Hartford has sent USA Volleyball athletes individualized workout programs to stay in shape during the mandated quarantine. He even sent a few home with equipment from the facility. But if you’re not a USA Volleyball player, and you do not have access to kettlebells or medicine balls, Hartford said it’s still vital to move, to work out with what you have.

“The biggest thing right now, the hormonal response that you get after exercise helps so much with stress,” Hartford said. “It’s very important to keep up with that during these times. Even if you are stuck at home, get some kind of physical activity just to balance those hormones.

“It’s a good chance to get back into general movement. You don’t really need a plan if you move or just go on a walk outside. As long as you’re moving and being active and not just sitting on the couch all day, every day, it has a great benefit for the body and the mind.”

OC Fast Twitch is a partner of p1440, and is putting together at-home workouts via Instagram that anyone, regardless of equipment or resources, can follow. Below is the first. Simply scroll through to follow along. 

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