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Larson in charge as Athletes Unlimited enters final week of pro volleyball in Dallas

Team Larson went 3-0 once again and, accordingly, Jordan Larson is sitting comfortably in first place in Athletes Unlimited volleyball as the pro competition heads into its fifth and final week.

Larson has 3,857 points, well ahead of Bethania De La Cruz, whose team went 1-2 last week and left her with 3,229 points.

Those two, Karsta Lowe (3,079 points) and Brie King (2,855) are the captains for this weekend’s final six matches. 

They will also conduct Tuesday’s final player draft. 

Click here for the complete listing of all players’ stats. The competition is being conducted in Dallas, where all the players in the pro venture are housed and training. 

The results of the fourth week:
Team Larson 75, Team Hunter 55
Team Lowe 70, Team De La Cruz 67
Team Larson 70, Team Lowe 58
Team De La Cruz 75, Team Hunter 62
Team Lowe 75, Team Hunter 57
Team Larson 75, Team De La Cruz 56

Here is the viewing schedule for the next round of matches:
Saturday, March 27

Team King vs. Team De La Cruz, 6 p.m., AU Digital
Team Lowe vs. Team Larson, 8:30 p.m., AU Digital
Sunday, March 28
Team Lowe vs. Team De La Cruz, 6 p.m., FS2
Team Larson vs. Team King, 8:30 p.m., FS2
Monday, March 29
Team King vs. Team Lowe, 3 p.m., CBS Sports Network
Team Larson vs. Team De La Cruz, 7 p.m., CBS Sports Network