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Field set for Friday’s AVP Pro Series Huntington Beach Open

Lev Priima tries to hit over the block of Alison/Rick Atwood photo

The field is set for Friday’s AVP Pro Series Huntington Beach Open as veterans and youngsters advanced out out of the qualifier, setting up a first that includes 11 Olympians.

Action begins at 9 a.m. Pacific with matches on Stadium Court available on ESPN+ and others on the Bally Live App.

Here is the first-round lineup for the double-elimination tournament:

Tri Bourne/Chaim Schalk (No. 1 seed) vs. Raffe Paulis/Jeff Samuels (16, Q9)
Tim Bomgren/Paul Lotman (9) vs. Timothy Brewster/Kyle Friend (8)
Andy Benesh/Miles Partain (5) vs. Seain Cook/Jake Dietrich (12)
Andrew Dentler/Jacob Landel (13, Q3) vs. Chase Budinger/Miles Evans (4)
Taylor Crabb/Taylor Sander (3) vs. Skylar del Sol/Lev Priima (14, Q5)
Evan Cory/Logan Webber (11) vs. Billy Allen/Troy Field (6)
Phil Dalhausser/Avery Drost (7) vs. Cody Caldwell/Chase Frishman (10)
Djordje Klasnic/Brian Miller (15, Q7) vs. Theo Brunner/Trevor Crabb (2)
Kelly Cheng/Sara Hughes (No, 1 seed) vs. Madelyne Anderson/Molly Turner (16, Q6)
Corinne Quiggle/Sarah Schermerhorn (9) vs. Megan Kraft/Emily Stockman (8)
Terese Cannon/Sarah Sponcil (5) vs. Toni Rodriguez/Savvy Simo (12)
Larissa Maestrini/Liliane Maestrini (13, Q1) vs. Betsi Flint/Julia Scoles (4)
Melissa Humana-Paredes/Brandie Wilkerson (3) vs. Kimberly Hildreth/Teegan Van Gunst (14, Q2)
Carly Skjodt/Geena Urango (11) vs. Hailey Harward/Kelley Kolinske (6)
Sarah Pavan/Kelly Reeves (7) vs. Deahna Kraft/Zana Muno (10)
Jessica Gaffney/Carly Kan (15, Q5) vs. Taryn Kloth/Kristen Nuss (2)

The brackets and schedule can be found here:

Of note on the men’s side, del Sol and Priima knocked out Eric Beranek and Brazilian Olympian Alison Ceruttti 21-14, 15-21, 15-9 in the qualifier, and beach editor Travis Mewhirter and Sam Schacter were ousted by Raffe Paulis and Jeff Samuels 21-16, 19-21, 15-12.

There were no big surprises on the women’s side, as Larissa and Lili won their three matches, all in two sets. They have won on the AVP Tour before, and so has Carly Kan, who got through the qualifier with Jessica Gaffney. They also won three matches without losing a set.

Larissa goes for the backhand save in Thursday’s AVP Huntington Beach qualifier/Will Chu Photography