Need some new beats for the beach or gym? For that matter, ever wonder what your favorite beach volleyball pros are listening to? Now you can get the jams of the AVP on Spotify. The AVP has added playlists from Jeremy “DJ” Roueche, Jake Gibb, Tri Bourne, Ryan Doherty, and Angela Bensend, with more to come this summer.

We had a chance to ask the players about their musical tastes and playlist, here’s what they shared about their choices:

Jeremy “DJ” Roueche:

This is the song list that I listen to, these songs are on my phone. I feel like I have a wide range of musical tastes as a DJ, anything that has a good beat, I like to play it regardless of the genre. If you were to look at my musical collection, I lean more towards reggae influenced beats, or hip-hop beats, because if you’re a DJ at a club, and it has a good driving beat, that will get people moving.

“I would consider “A Tribe Called Quest” my favorite hip-hop group of all time. I  was at that age when music was really becoming important to me, they mixed jazz and hip-hop beats together, and I had never heard anything like that before, and it worked.

“These songs are off their latest album, so their new album was very nostalgic for me, and not only did they do a good job with giving me their old “Tribe called Quest” feel, but updated their sound as well. It was nostalgic and it was current, especially since one of their members died recently.

“Their music takes me back to my childhood, and gives me that nostalgic feeling of the hip-hop that I always enjoyed.

“That One” (by the Suicide Doors, DJ Roueche’s own band) was off of our latest EP. That was the first song where we’ve collaborated with other singer-songwriters for our own album. They actually co-wrote the melody with us.  It was a great learning experience for us to know how to produce songs with and for other people.

“A2b” is our latest single, that we’ve had in the can for a little bit over a year, and when I got back from the Olympics, we wanted to put a song out, and just got back in the studio, and finished our final touches on that song, and released it in January. I’ve been using parts of that song in volleyball events, I’ve used it at the Olympics, and in AVP events, even though it wasn’t officially out yet.  I like to use it as an instrumental “sting” during the finals.

Casey Patterson: 

“Every one of those songs has something special behind it, which is why I chose them. The first two are two of my favorite songs that have come about over the last two years, not necessarily special stories behind them, but just songs that I really like.

“Billy Jean, that’s Michael Jackson. That’s an iconic symbol in break dancing, in hip hop culture, in music in general. I feel like anyone that listens to that song probably has history, a fun story, or a cool experience associated with that song.

“The Peter Piper, the Run DMC, all those old school songs, those are songs that I just loved to when listening and chilling dancing, they just bring back the old school vibe of hip hop when it was very clever, and popping and locking was a popular part of that time, so it relates to me and dancing, growing up as a kid. All of that time spent dancing as a kid, I’m able to utilize it now, and take my dancing full circle.

“The Pennywise and the Weezer songs, I was in two different bands growing up, in high school and in college, playing the bass guitar and occasionally some back-up vocals. I also played some rhythm guitar later on. When I was in those bands, Weezer was the band that we worshiped, they were just the ultimate. Our sound was based around their sound and their type of music. Before I listened to hip hop, it was Weezer and punk music, that genre was my wheelhouse.

“Those were real fond memories of my childhood, going and playing volleyball, turning up those songs really loud and getting into hitting lines, forever.

“My musical taste is all over the place, that’s the problem. I’m a lover of all music. My mom and my family are very musical, my mom grew up singing a lot with her brother. Very, very Carpenters-ish style, my grandpa was really good at the fiddle, there’s a huge musical background on my mom’s side.

“I have three sisters, and my middle sister Erin, she plays the bagpipes, she plays the guitar, the fiddle, the mandolin, and she’s won first in the state of Utah, second in the state of California, for different instruments. She’s a wizard with instruments. There’s a lot of rich musical culture in my family, they all sing at church, weddings, and events all the time. I grew up being around music. Music is a big part of my upbringing.

“In creating this playlist, I wanted to share a little piece of every musical genre that I really love and appreciate. I wanted to throw something in for everybody, and I want to share the songs in that genre that I really appreciate. It’s a little bit of ‘here’s something for everyone’, and on a side note, these are all songs that had something to do with me growing up. That was the mindset behind that.”

Angela Bensend:

“I don’t think there is a type of music that I don’t like. I love most all genres so I wanted to show some of that with my playlist. My iPod goes from The Weeknd to Brooks and Dunn to Andra Day to Billy Joel. It’s like song ADD. I hope this playlist shows a little of that and that every type of person can love it. Usually before matches I like listening to more “chill” music like the first mixtape from The Weeknd and some Coldplay.”

Tri Bourne:

“I tend to like Island style music in general, kind of chillax music. Depending on my mood, I like to spice it up with a variety of music. Let’s say 50 percent is Hawai’ian style island reggae, and the rest is a mixture of anything and everything. I’ve traveled a lot, so there’s that worldly, international vibe in my playlist. For the most part, it’s a positive, relaxed kind of vibe, but as I get closer to game time I like hip-hop and rap, some House music. It’s really pretty random, as you can see from my playlist.

“Jah Jah Know is a song that I listened to with my close friends when I was younger. It reminds me of traveling on the outer islands playing high school volleyball.”

Ryan Doherty:

“It was an honor to do this, and yet hilarious, because I’m not a music guy at all. I’ve never put on the radio at the gym that we all work out at. I listen to podcasts way more than I listen to music, so it’s funny to be responsible to actually put together a playlist when I myself have never put together a playlist for myself.

“I’m actually pretty proud of it, I think it came out all right, if you were hanging out at the beach, I think it’s not a bad playlist to listen to.

“My musical tastes were formed and stopped developing around high school. Incubus, bands my brother liked, it basically turned into guys that could sing a little bit and play guitar.

“It if were something cool and acoustic, that would also be something that I definitely would enjoy. That’s been the majority of my musical taste. Musicians with a lot of guitar, a lot of piano, things you can play without a big band around you.

“I never listen to music when I’m warming up, or anything like that, Incubus is the only band I’ve seen live, and they were great. I love them, they’re still my favorite band.

“My playlist is songs that will put me in a contemplative mood, which is what I was going for with this playlist.”

Jake Gibb:

“I like a lot of different things. My wife is very much into music and adds songs to my playlist all the time.

“Pour Some Sugar On Me” took me straight through my high school years, I love to warm up to Def Leppard, and old “big hair” bands. They’re just fun to listen to.”

Look for the AVP to add more playlists on its Spotify channel throughout the summer.

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