The 58th annual AVP Manhattan Beach Open is the latest of a rich and storied volleyball event that concluded this past Sunday after four days of perfect weather, great competition and overflow crowds.

Ed Chan and Allen Szto were there to cover the event for, and offer their favorite photos below.

Allen Szto has been photographing the sport since 2005/Ed Chan,

In case you’re not familiar with Szto’s (pronounced See-to) work, Szto is an avid volleyball player and photographer. Szto has played since 1982 and owned a volleyball store in Northridge named Beach ‘N Volley from 1996 to 1999.

He has photographed volleyball since 2005 and his work can be seen here. These days he is more well known as a producer/production supervisor for commercials and music videos.

He and co-publisher and photo editor Ed Chan took literally thousands of shots last week. Here is a gallery of their favorites.


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