AVP responds to VolleyballMag.com about Walsh Jennings suit


The Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), through its public-relations firm Make Waves Communications, responded directly to VolleyballMag.com on Monday night to the lawsuit filed against it by Kerri Walsh Jennings, who claims the AVP owes her $150,000 from a 2013 sponsorship deal.

“We feel confident that when all the facts in this matter are considered that there will be a prompt and speedy resolution,” the AVP said in an email to VolleyballMag.com. “AVP appreciates the athletic abilities, hard work and dedication of all of its participating athletes, including Kerri, and we wish to work with them inclusively to promote the sport of beach volleyball and their future success.”

Walsh Jennings, the four-time Olympic beach volleyball medalist, filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court last week. She said the $150,000 is owed to her as part of a three-year contract she signed with the AVP in February 2013 for the company to use her name, likeness and “other indicia” of her identity in exchange for $450,000.

The complaint stated AVP made two $50,000 payments to Walsh Jennings each in 2013, 2014 and 2015, but did not remit a pair of $75,000 payments in 2016.

“The complaint really speaks for itself,” Walsh Jennings told VolleyballMag.com Friday night.

“AVP agreed in writing to pay me $150,000 in two equal payments on January 1 and July 1, 2016, in return for me allowing AVP to use my name and likeness to make media appearances.

“They still haven’t paid. We tried to persuade AVP to honor their obligations without filing a lawsuit. They refused, which left me with no alternative but to sue.”



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