AVP San Francisco: Newbies come through the spread-out qualifier

Shane Donohue , stretching out Thursday, and partner Ian Satterfield advanced to Friday's main draw/Ed Chan, VBshots.com

REDWOOD CITY, Calif./SAN FRANCISCO/MANY TRAFFIC-FILLED MILES IN BETWEEN — With apologies to Charles Dickens, Thursday was a “Tale of Two Sites” at AVP San Francisco, as the AVP opened a second qualification site in order to accommodate demand.

The men competed 28 miles south at the Foundry in Redwood City in 86 degree temperatures on a jumper’s beach with relatively shallow, coarse sand, and a slight breeze favoring the high-flying, physical teams.

Meanwhile, the women competed at Pier 30 in San Francisco, which featured near-idyllic 76-degree temperatures on perfect courts with a 10-mph wind that favored experienced ball-control players.

Forty men’s teams began, but only top-seeded Brian Cook and Adam Roberts, second-seeded Branden Clemens and Ben Vaught, fourth-seeded Raffe Paulis and Spencer Sauter, and 19th-seeded Shane Donohue and Ian Satterfield advanced to Friday.

Forty-three women’s teams competed for the four precious main-draw berths, as ninth-seeded Camie Manwill and Maria Clara Salgado, fourth-seeded Lara Dykstra and Allie Wheeler, third-seeded Terese Cannon and Nicolette Martin, and seventh-seeded Branagan Fuller and Delaney Knudsen advanced to Friday’s main draw.

The main draw is Cook’s first, Robert’s 24th. The duo defeated Cole Fiers and Hagen Smith 21-14, 21-16, Marcin Jagoda and Tomas Salava 21-11, 21-17, and Tim May and Travis Woloson 21-15, 21-16.

The Foundry is four miles north of Stanford University, where Cook starred from 2011-14 as an outside hitter, leading Stanford to the national championship while receiving Volleyball Magazine All-American honors twice.

“I feel like I’m at home here,” Cook said. “It’s a good feeling, it’s nice to qualify  so close to home. This is our second tournament together, and very few practices, but we seem to be clicking already. We both like playing with each other, Adam has a lot of experience, so I’m excited to learn from him, and we’re having fun.”

Cook and Roberts will play sixth-seeded Avery Drost and Chase Frishman at 12:45 p.m. Pacific.

Clemens and Vaught advanced to their second main draw after defeating Kailum Rinaldi and Dmitry Yurchenko 21-17, 21-15, Jonathan Alvarez and Christian Honer 21-7, 21-11, and Brandon Kelly and Chris Luers 21-16, 21-15.

“In our first win, we were kind of the ‘new kids on the block,” Vaught said. “Meaning, nobody knew who we were, it was our first qualifier together. This was was more of, ‘How do we get back to that spot again?’

“After getting our first one, it definitely excites you and really puts a flame under your butt to work as hard as you can to recapture that feeling of making that main draw. It’s a amazing feeling that nothing has ever compared to before.”

Clemens and Vaught will face the back-together third-seeded team of Ed Ratledge and Eric Zaun at 12:35 p.m.

“Everyone is good out there, sowe have to play our game tomorrow,” Vaught said. “We have to have fun, go after our serve, be aggressive, and play loose. We have to play at 100 percent to keep up”.

Paulis and Sauter are also newbies to the main draw, this is Sauter’s first and Paulis’ second 16-team draw. Paulis and Sauter defeated Chris Flood and Rob McLean 21-17, 21-15, Travis Mewhirter and Travis Schoonover 21-16, 21-11, and Art Barron and Tom Kohler 21-14, 21-17 to achieve that milestone.

“I honestly don’t know what to say right now. I’m so excited. This is our first tournament together,” Sauter said. “We only had two practices coming in. We were figuring everything out as the day went on and I had so much fun playing with him. I’m pumped to play in the main draw tomorrow.”

“I was excited to get him in,” Paulis said. “He hasn’t been in yet, so that’s super exciting. It was tough today. It was tough playing against the Travises (Mewhirter and Schoonover). The last match is never easy. It was fun.”

San Francisco is Satterfield’s second main draw (Austin 2017), while it is Donohue’s third (2013 Atlantic City, 2017 New York). The pair reached their first main draw together with wins over Jacob Landel and Chicory Roth (21-18, 21-19), Kacey Losik and Garrett Wilson (21-13, 21-18), and Paul Lotman and Myles Muagututia (21-17, 21-12).

“Ian and I pretty much just met yesterday,” Donohue said. “We just got out there, we served some balls, hit a couple and came out here and figured it out as we went. Our qualifier was our first practice.”

Satterfield was also excited to make his second main draw appearance.

“It feels just as good, because it’s extremely hard to get through the qualifier with so many good teams and with single elimination and money on the line, just getting into the main draw is an amazing feeling”.

Donohue and Satterfield will face top-seeded Billy Allen and Stafford Slick Thursday at 9:15 a.m. Donohue said they have to keep having fun.

“That’s how we made it through today,” he said, “and for me, the most important thing is that I have a good relationship with my partner, that we’re having fun out there and that brings out the best in me. So we’re going to keep on having fun and enjoying ourselves.”

Katie Spieler lost to Camie Manwill and Maria Clara Salgado in the last round of the qualifier/Ed Chan, VBshots.com

On the women’s side, Terese Cannon and Nicolete Martin put their USC experience to use, making their first main draw together in only their second tournament. They will face fourth-seeded Team TexMex, Angela Bensend and Geena Urango, at 10:30 a.m.

The pair defeated Kendyl Brennan and Ashley Delgado (21-11, 21-8), Lindsey Knudsen and Jessica Sykora (21-15, 19-21, 15-10), and Avery Bush and Litara Keil (21-14, 21-17). Martin had finished ninth twice and 13th, all with Allie Wheeler, while San Francisco marks Cannon’s first main-draw appearance.

Lara Dykstra and Allie Wheeler also found themselves in the main draw in their first event together and play third-seeded Jennifer Fopma and Kelly Reeves at 9:20 a.m. Their main-draw appearance is Dykstra’s third (Dykstra earned two 13ths in Austin 2017 and Manhattan Beach 2016), and Wheeler’s fourth (ninths in Manhattan Beach 2016 and Austin 2017, 13th in New York 2017).

Branagan Fuller and Delaney Knudsen also advanced in their first event together. They play second-seeded Emily Day and Brittany Hochevar at 12:30 p.m. Day and Hochevar have had a busy week after losing the country-quota match at FIVB Gstaad on Monday.

Fuller has made the main draw seven times previously, while Knudsen made the main draw twice previously with Meg Dawson (Chicago 2015 and Seattle 2016). Thursday they beat Jenna Belton and Jo Kremer (21-13, 21-15), Agnieszka Pregowska and Aleksandra Wachowicz (24-22, 21-18), and Priscilla Piantadosi-Lima and Kerri Schuh 21-15, 21-19).

Cammie Manwill and Maria Clara Salgado made the main draw at AVP Seattle. They went 2-for-2 by beating Ksenia Bartie and Presley Forbes (21-15, 21-11), Christina Vucich and Amanda Wiggins (21-16, 19-21, 15-12), and Karissa Cook and Katie Spieler (16-21, 21-18, 15-12). As a result they play top-seeded Betsi Flint and Kelley Larsen at 11:25 a.m.

Thursday’s men’s results
Qualifier Bracket
Round 1
Match 2: Cole Fiers/Hagen Smith (Q32) def. Al Adamsen/Jeffrey Martinez (Q33) 21-7, 21-12 (0:30)
Match 7: Ozz Borges/Nathan Yang (Q25) def. Griffin O’Camb/Vaughn Petersen (Q40) 15-21, 21-16, 15-9 (0:51)
Match 10: Dillon Lesniak/Salvador Pastor (Q28) def. Kentaro Ball/David Rowker (Q37) 25-23, 21-15 (0:40)
Match 15: Chris Flood/Rob McLean (Q29) def. Devon Burki/Tanner Smith (Q36) 19-21, 22-20, 15-12 (1:12)
Match 18: Kacey Losik/Garrett Wilson (Q30) def. Roy McFarland/Robert Mullahey (Q35) 21-10, 21-12 (0:40)
Match 23: Chris Albers/Jordan Gladstone (Q27) def. Andrew Riley/Jeff Steffens (Q38) 21-15, 22-20 (0:41)
Match 26: Thadeus Niemira/Brandon Oswald (Q39) def. Mika Hunkin/Thomas Ta (Q26) 21-12, 21-7 (0:33)
Match 31: Kailum Rinaldi/Dmitriy Yurchenko (Q31) def. Chris Dedo/Evan Murray (Q34) 21-17, 21-15 (0:39)
Round 2
Match 33: Brian Cook/Adam Roberts (11, Q1) def. Cole Fiers/Hagen Smith (Q32) 21-14, 21-16 (0:38)
Match 34: Marcin Jagoda/Tomas Salava (Q17) def. Mark Van Zwieten/Steve Van Zwieten (Q16) 26-24, 24-22 (1:06)
Match 35: Jake Rosener/Garrett Wessberg (Q9) def. Robert deAurora/Chris Fleming (Q24) 21-18, 21-11 (0:39)
Match 36: Tim May/Travis Woloson (Q8) def. Ozz Borges/Nathan Yang (Q25) 21-19, 21-19 (0:47)
Match 37: Dillon Lesniak/Salvador Pastor (Q28) def. Evan Cory/John Hamilton (Q5) 21-18, 21-17 (0:47)
Match 38: Art Barron/Tom Kohler (Q12) def. Dylan Holland/Tristan Patterson (Q21) 21-15, 21-15 (0:40)
Match 39: Travis Mewhirter/Travis Schoonover (Q20) def. Brian Miller/Brett Ryan (Q13) 21-16, 12-21, 15-13 (0:59)
Match 40: Raffe Paulis/Spencer Sauter (15, Q4) def. Chris Flood/Rob McLean (Q29) 21-17, 21-15 (0:37)
Match 41: Kacey Losik/Garrett Wilson (Q30) def. Francisco Quesada-Paneque/Troy Schlicker (Q3) 21-14, 21-12 (0:34)
Match 42: Shane Donohue/Ian Satterfield (16, Q19) def. Jacob Landel/Chicory Roth (Q14) 21-18, 21-19 (0:41)
Match 43: Paul Lotman/Myles Muagututia (Q11) def. Danko Iordanov/Chris McDonald (Q22) 17-21, 21-19, 15-6 (1:01)
Match 44: Tal Shavit/Ryan Walker (Q6) def. Chris Albers/Jordan Gladstone (Q27) 21-18, 19-21, 15-13 (0:59)
Match 45: Brandon Kelly/Chris Luers (Q7) def. Thadeus Niemira/Brandon Oswald (Q39) 21-16, 21-17 (0:38)
Match 46: Kevin Lynch/Jason Raney (Q23) def. Marshall Brock/Aaren Rice (Q10) 21-17, 14-21, 15-13 (0:58)
Match 47: Jonathan Alvarez/Christian Honer (Q15) def. Sage Newgard/Sterling Perkins (Q18) 23-21, 17-21, 15-12 (1:00)
Match 48: Branden Clemens/Ben Vaught (14, Q2) def. Kailum Rinaldi/Dmitriy Yurchenko (Q31) 21-13, 21-15 (0:41)
Round 3
Match 49: Brian Cook/Adam Roberts (11, Q1) def. Marcin Jagoda/Tomas Salava (Q17) 21-11, 21-17 (0:42)
Match 50: Tim May/Travis Woloson (Q8) def. Jake Rosener/Garrett Wessberg (Q9) 11-21, 21-14, 15-13 (0:55)
Match 51: Art Barron/Tom Kohler (Q12) def. Dillon Lesniak/Salvador Pastor (Q28) 21-19, 15-21, 15-9 (0:55)
Match 52: Raffe Paulis/Spencer Sauter (15, Q4) def. Travis Mewhirter/Travis Schoonover (Q20) 21-16, 21-11 (0:38)
Match 53: Shane Donohue/Ian Satterfield (16, Q19) def. Kacey Losik/Garrett Wilson (Q30) 21-13, 21-18 (0:38)
Match 54: Paul Lotman/Myles Muagututia (Q11) def. Tal Shavit/Ryan Walker (Q6) 18-21, 21-15, 15-11 (0:50)
Match 55: Brandon Kelly/Chris Luers (Q7) def. Kevin Lynch/Jason Raney (Q23) 21-16, 21-15 (0:37)
Match 56: Branden Clemens/Ben Vaught (14, Q2) def. Jonathan Alvarez/Christian Honer (Q15) 21-7, 21-11 (0:30)
Round 4
Match 57: Brian Cook/Adam Roberts (11, Q1) def. Tim May/Travis Woloson (Q8) 21-15, 21-16 (0:44)
Match 58: Raffe Paulis/Spencer Sauter (15, Q4) def. Art Barron/Tom Kohler (Q12) 21-14, 21-17 (0:38)
Match 59: Shane Donohue/Ian Satterfield (16, Q19) def. Paul Lotman/Myles Muagututia (Q11) 21-17, 21-12 (0:43)
Match 60: Branden Clemens/Ben Vaught (14, Q2) def. Brandon Kelly/Chris Luers (Q7) 21-16, 21-18 (0:38)
Friday’s winners bracket
Round 1
Match 1: Billy Allen/Stafford Slick (1) vs. Shane Donohue/Ian Satterfield (16, Q19)
Match 2: Dave McKienzie/Curt Toppel (9) vs. Mark Burik/Marty Lorenz (8)
Match 3: Ty Loomis/Maddison McKibbin (5) vs. Duncan Budinger/Kevin McColloch (12)
Match 4: Piotr Marciniak/Roberto Rodriguez-Bertran (13) vs. Brian Bomgren/Tim Bomgren (4)
Match 5: Ed Ratledge/Eric Zaun (3) vs. Branden Clemens/Ben Vaught (14, Q2)
Match 6: Brian Cook/Adam Roberts (11, Q1) vs. Avery Drost/Chase Frishman (6)
Match 7: Reid Priddy/Ricardo Santos (7) vs. Derek Olson/Jeff Samuels (10)
Match 8: Raffe Paulis/Spencer Sauter (15, Q4) vs. Jeremy Casebeer/John Mayer (2)  
Thursday’s women’s results
Qualifier Bracket
Round 1
Match 2: Heather Boyan/Jade Hayes (Q33) def. Deviny Mo/Dominique Montijo (Q32) 21-15, 21-15 (0:38)
Match 6: Ksenia Bartie/Presley Forbes (Q24) def. Rachel Bello/Ginger Schuster (Q41) 21-14, 18-21, 15-12 (0:55)
Match 7: Cassie House/Katie Pyles (Q40) def. Hilary Dattilo/Katie Smith (Q25) 21-17, 21-18 (0:45)
Match 10: Julianne Lackey/Katie Lindstrom (Q37) def. Laura Anderson/Jennifer Solm (Q28) 21-18, 21-16 (0:40)
Match 15: Amanda Alles/Shari Bernhardt (Q29) def. Alex Reale/Anne Marie Taylor (Q36) 21-13, 21-19 (0:40)
Match 18: Kendyl Brennan/Ashley Delgado (Q30) def. Alexa Strange/Deketa Stubblefield (Q35) 21-14, 21-12 (0:35)
Match 22: Jennifer Albrecht/Janis Dixon (Q22) def. Desirae Elizondo/Lynda Morales (Q43) 21-19, 21-11 (0:36)
Match 23: Katie Meyers/Melissa Myers (Q38) def. Alexia Inman/Maddie Micheletti (Q27) 21-17, 22-20 (0:41)
Match 26: Jenna Belton/Josephine Kremer (Q26) def. Kate Formico/Maggie Walters (Q39) 22-20, 21-13 (0:37)
Match 27: Kaley Melville/Andrea Nucete (Q23) def. Jacqueline Ribeiro/Caroline Schafer (Q42) 21-14, 20-22, 15-10 (0:58)
Match 31: Bella Kuechenberg/Shannon Murphy (Q34) def. Laryssa Mereszczak/Payton Rund (Q31) 25-23, 21-16 (0:46)
Round 2
Match 33: Karissa Cook/Katie Spieler (Q1) def. Heather Boyan/Jade Hayes (Q33) 21-8, 21-12 (0:30)
Match 34: Brittany Howard/Corinne Quiggle (Q17) def. Lynne Galli/Anne Osburn (Q16) 21-19, 21-12 (0:37)
Match 35: Camie Manwill/Maria Clara Salgado (16, Q9) def. Ksenia Bartie/Presley Forbes (Q24) 21-15, 21-11 (0:35)
Match 36: Christina Vucich/Amanda Wiggins (Q8) def. Cassie House/Katie Pyles (Q40) 21-9, 21-11 (0:30)
Match 37: Mackenzie Phelps-Ponnet/Molly Turner (Q5) def. Julianne Lackey/Katie Lindstrom (Q37) 21-16, 21-19 (0:35)
Match 38: Christina Alessi/Kristen Petrasic (Q12) def. Ariana Homayun/Meaghan Wheeler (Q21) 23-21, 22-20 (0:44)
Match 39: Melissa Cruz/Paula Lacey (Q13) def. Lilly Raney/Zuzana Spencer (Q20) 21-19, 22-20 (0:45)
Match 40: Lara Dykstra/Allie Wheeler (14, Q4) def. Amanda Alles/Shari Bernhardt (Q29) 21-11, 21-10 (0:30)
Match 41: Terese Cannon/Nicolette Martin (13, Q3) def. Kendyl Brennan/Ashley Delgado (Q30) 21-11, 21-8 (0:31)
Match 42: Lindsey Knudsen/Jessica Sykora (Q14) def. Tori Grafeman/Chelsea Hayes (Q19) 14-21, 23-21, 15-6 (0:53)
Match 43: Avery Bush/Litara Keil (Q11) def. Jennifer Albrecht/Janis Dixon (Q22) 18-21, 22-20, 15-13 (1:05)
Match 44: Katie Meyers/Melissa Myers (Q38) def. Bre Moreland/Jacqui Wood (Q6) 21-19, 17-21, 16-14 (0:55)
Match 45: Branagan Fuller/Delaney Knudsen (15, Q7) def. Jenna Belton/Josephine Kremer (Q26) 21-13, 21-15 (0:33)
Match 46: Agnieszka Pregowska/Aleksandra Wachowicz (Q10) def. Kaley Melville/Andrea Nucete (Q23) 17-21, 21-11, 15-8 (0:50)
Match 47: Terri Del Conte/Melanie Fleig (Q15) def. Alida Schat/Katherine Wanket (Q18) 21-14, 21-9 (0:37)
Match 48: Priscilla Piantadosi-Lima/Kerri Schuh (Q2) def. Bella Kuechenberg/Shannon Murphy (Q34) 21-8, 21-13 (0:37)
Round 3
Match 49: Karissa Cook/Katie Spieler (Q1) def. Brittany Howard/Corinne Quiggle (Q17) 21-18, 21-17 (0:33)
Match 50: Camie Manwill/Maria Clara Salgado (16, Q9) def. Christina Vucich/Amanda Wiggins (Q8) 21-16, 19-21, 15-12 (0:56)
Match 51: Mackenzie Phelps-Ponnet/Molly Turner (Q5) def. Christina Alessi/Kristen Petrasic (Q12) 19-21, 21-17, 15-8 (0:47)
Match 52: Lara Dykstra/Allie Wheeler (14, Q4) def. Melissa Cruz/Paula Lacey (Q13) 21-7, 21-14 (0:25)
Match 53: Terese Cannon/Nicolette Martin (13, Q3) def. Lindsey Knudsen/Jessica Sykora (Q14) 21-15, 19-21, 15-10 (0:49)
Match 54: Avery Bush/Litara Keil (Q11) def. Katie Meyers/Melissa Myers (Q38) 21-11, 21-19 (0:35)
Match 55: Branagan Fuller/Delaney Knudsen (15, Q7) def. Agnieszka Pregowska/Aleksandra Wachowicz (Q10) 24-22, 21-18 (0:39)
Match 56: Priscilla Piantadosi-Lima/Kerri Schuh (Q2) def. Terri Del Conte/Melanie Fleig (Q15) 21-8, 21-19 (0:39)
Round 4
Match 57: Camie Manwill/Maria Clara Salgado (16, Q9) def. Karissa Cook/Katie Spieler (Q1) 16-21, 21-18, 15-12 (0:50)
Match 58: Lara Dykstra/Allie Wheeler (14, Q4) def. Mackenzie Phelps-Ponnet/Molly Turner (Q5) 21-18, 22-20 (0:42)
Match 59: Terese Cannon/Nicolette Martin (13, Q3) def. Avery Bush/Litara Keil (Q11) 21-14, 21-17 (0:37)
Match 60: Branagan Fuller/Delaney Knudsen (15, Q7) def. Priscilla Piantadosi-Lima/Kerri Schuh (Q2) 21-15, 21-19 (0:42)
Friday’s winners bracket
Round 1
Match 1: Betsi Flint/Kelley Larsen (1) vs. Camie Manwill/Maria Clara Salgado (16, Q9)
Match 2: Jace Pardon/Brittany Tiegs (9) vs. Caitlin Ledoux/Heather McGuire (8)
Match 3: Lane Carico/Alix Klineman (5) vs. Aurora Davis/Bree Scarbrough (12)
Match 4: Terese Cannon/Nicolette Martin (13, Q3) vs. Angela Bensend/Geena Urango (4)
Match 5: Jennifer Fopma/Kelly Reeves (3) vs. Lara Dykstra/Allie Wheeler (14, Q4)
Match 6: Kimberly Smith/Xi Zhang (11) vs. Karolina Marciniak/Kendra VanZwieten (6)
Match 7: Amanda Dowdy/Irene Pollock (7) vs. Janelle Allen/Sheila Shaw (10)
Match 8: Branagan Fuller/Delaney Knudsen (15, Q7) vs. Emily Day/Brittany Hochevar (2)    


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