Bustamante and Graudina leading USC’s charge back to top of NCAA volleyball

Abril Bustamante-Tina Graudina-USC-Trojans
USC's Tina Graudina turns a spike back line against UCLA's Megan McNamara/Ed Chan, VBshots.com

After back-to-back victories this past weekend over UCLA, USC has vaulted back to the top of NCAA beach volleyball.
And leading the way was the No. 1 pair of Abril Bustamante and Tina Graudina, who have gone 30-2 this season and have the Trojans thinking they can win their third NCAA championship in four years.
They’re an unlikely combination, Bustamante the 6-foot senior from Redondo Beach, and Graudina, the 6-foot sophomore from Jurmala, Latvia. But no one should be surprised at their success: After all, they were the 2018 VolleyballMag.com national pair of the year and their combined record since 2018 is 56-4.

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