Dont let your brain go limp over the holidays. Curl up with one of these books to keep your mental game fit in the offseason.

The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II
By the American Volleyball Coaches Association, edited by Cecile Reynaud

With one look at The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II‘s table of contents, you can tell you have a precious resource in your hands. An army of volleyball coaching legends and celebritiesincluding John Kessel, Charlie Sullivan, Salima Rockwell, Bill Neville, and Jennifer Petrie, just to name a fewcontributed to the writing of this manual, and you are sure to benefit from their years of experience and accumulated wisdom.

Reading VCB 2.0 is like hosting your own private mini AVCA Convention, and as such, this book is a must for every coach’s library.

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The Mental Game of Volleyball: Competing One Point at a Time
By Brian M. Cain with Jason Karim

Though volleyball coaches often preach that our sport is 90 percent mental, not many of them allot the same percentage of their practice time to developing athletes mental skills. Brian M. Cain, for one, believes that a lack of mental training keeps athletes and team for reaching their full potential, and his book seeks to correct this. Cain covers goal setting, positive self-talk, and preparation, and the book includes exercises for building concentration and worksheets to fill out on your way to achieving mental toughness.

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Net Gain: Officiating Volleyball’s Tough Calls
By Todd Korth

Published by Referee magazine and the National Association of Sports Officials, Net Gain serves as a great reference for any referee new to the job or a veteran on the hunt for a little extra guidance.

Nuggets of wisdom, such as this one, can be found sprinkled throughout Net Gain: While no referee wants a match or a good play to end on his or her judgement call, the referee must maintain the same standard of consistency from the first play of the match to the last.

Each of the four chapters (Ball Handling, Overlaps, Alignments, and Back-Row Players, Net Play, and In or Out) concludes with a grouping of case-plays to help the reader put the theoretical ideas presented in the chapter into realistic match situations. With Korth’s easy-to-understand tips on your side, you are sure to enter your next match with the confidence necessary to officiate any match.

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Volleyball: Steps to Success
By Becky Schmidt

This book, written by Becky Schmidthead coach of Hope College, the perpetual Division III powerhouse and 2014 DIII national championand published by the dependable health and sports brand Human Kinetics, covers all the basics of playing and coaching volleyball. Schmidt starts from the ground up, covering the history, rules, and positions of the game before diving right in to performing and teaching each skill.

The front half of this book is pretty elementary and would be the perfect tool for a coach or player starting from scratch, looking to get a handle on volleyball basics. Then second half, however, gets more complex, covering a coach’s options for team defense and offense, and corresponding drills that will get your team comfortable in whatever strategy you choose.

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Recruiting 101: An Innovative Guide for Coaches, Parents & Future College Recruits
By Michael Sondheimer

Recruiting can be a complicated process for high school athletes, their parents, and collegiate coaches. A new book by former UCLA recruiting coordinator Michael Sondheimer seeks to help everyone survive the process with their sanity intact, and, of course, end up at the school and program that is the best fit for both the team and the athlete.

In Recruiting 101, Sondheimer outlines best practices for coaches to stay organized and get the most out of every interaction they have with a recruit. He offers suggestions for on-campus visits and navigating the complex admissions process. For recruits, he explains what to look for in a coach, team, and school, and how to approach the many important decisions that will have to be made along the way.

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