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Kelly Oriard-Callie Christenson-Slumberkins-Oregon volleyball

Slumberkins amazing success story for former Oregon, pro volleyball player Kelly Russell Oriard

Kelly Oriard joked that back when she was Kelly Russell the volleyball player she could never get into the old Volleyball magazine. But here she...

Time for Gary Moy to move on after making huge impact on USA Volleyball

After 22 years with USA volleyball, Gary Moy was done.  At 63, the California director of operations for USA Volleyball figured he had accomplished everything...

How to become a pro? Dustin Watten breaks it down en route to Poland

This is an early but exciting day for me. I'll be jumping on a 747 in route to Munich. After 10 hours in the...
Slime hitting-Bob Ctvrtlik-March 1995

From the VBM archives: “Slime Hitting by Bob Ctvrtlik,” March 1995

Edited by Mike Schlegel, photos by Robert Beck If you don’t have the gift of a 40-inch vertical, don’t try to muscle your opponents. These...

From the VBM Archives: The People of Volleyball’s First Century, 1895-1995

A list from the 1995 centennial collector's edition of Volleyball magazine

Officiating volleyball in a pandemic brings about a new set of challenges

In collaboration with volleyball official Ed Tucholski While no one knows exactly what the fall volleyball season will look like, a recent survey by Referee...
John Kessel 6/20/2020-USA volleyball

John Kessel on life after USA Volleyball: Hail does not make rainbows

John Kessel has been a fixture at USA Volleyball since 1985. He chose not to go into college coaching, but to coach coaches. In 1995,...
USA volleyball cuts 6/19/2020

Klostermann, Kessel among those gone as USA Volleyball makes personnel cuts

USA Volleyball, like many other national governing bodies, is feeling the financial crunch brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the organization that...
Ray Gooden, Black Lives Matter, NIU volleyball

#BLM: Black NCAA volleyball coaches share their personal stories

“A lot of folks have had an uncomfortable week.  “A lot of people have had an uncomfortable few days.  “Imagine having an uncomfortable life during this...

Chan, Feinswog reacquire ownership of

Ed Chan and Lee Feinswog have reacquired full ownership of It will enable us to continue as your daily, digital news source for all...

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