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Get Psych’d: Dr. G says goal-setting is building block for greater focus

Dr. Ed Garrett is the associate professor for the Online Department of Health Science at California Baptist University and a CMPC with the Association...

Lewis volleyball honors coaches’ daughter with “Playing For Preemies”

Lewis men’s volleyball coach Dan Friend is entering his 13th season at the Romeoville, Illinois, school about 31 miles from Chicago. His record of...

Book reviews: Pischke Power, Volleyball Coaching Wizards, The Way

If the road to hell is paved with the good intentions of reading volleyball books sent my way, well, then you know where to...

Kelsey Robinson’s update on USA women’s national team

The USA Volleyball Cup pits the U.S. national team against Brazil in Anaheim for matches Sunday, August 27, and Tuesday, August 29. The women...
Bailey Rexroad-Lincoln Land-Junior College Recruiting

Lincoln Land’s Dietz on the stark realities of junior-college recruiting

Jim Dietz has been the head coach at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Ill., since 2006. The Loggers have been to the last...

Weight Room Basics for Future College Volleyball Players

Develop basic strength and practice key movements to prepare athletes for success

Quite a night as May-Treanor, Scott enter Volleyball Hall of Fame

HOLYOKE, Mass. — Such a night, when an 80-year-old man from Korea, a former pharmacist who as a coach led Peru into volleyball prominence,...

New Online Training Resource

Use Volt Athletics to accelerate your team's year-round fitness

Drills From the Lewis University Men’s Volleyball Hanger

Coach Friend shares his favorite drills

McDermand: Letting your kids fail may be their greatest lesson

Bryan McDermand has coached and played volleyball at various levels over the last two decades. He coaches beach volleyball year-round and is the founder...

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