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Florida State, USC into NCAA Beach winners bracket

The favorites emerged Friday in the first day of the inaugural NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship. On a relatively cool, breezy, bright sunny day in Gulf...

Kelly Claes on the fun of playing sitting and her partnership with Brittany Hochevar

Kelly Claes is having a blast and you'll see why in this video chat. She's barely a year out of USC where she and former...

VBM Men’s Division I-II Top 10 Poll, Poll #2

Loyola climbs to the top spot this week

Harness the Power of Binaural Beats

Music for the Brain

Choose Volleyball

Much to her delight, VBM's editor's step-daughter will play volleyball in the fall.
Lara Dykstra hiking

Off-season means get off the beach and get trekking for Lara Dykstra

It is when Lara Dykstra hears only the silence of morning that she knows she is exactly where she needs to be. There are...

Prevention and Performance: Jackson Strength

Curtis and Krystal Jackson, founders of Jackson Strength in Solana Beach, California, prioritize mobility and injury prevention

World Police and Fire Games

Despite only one win between them, two U.S. teams left Ireland happy and proud of their play abroad
USA women sitting 11/20/2019

USA Volleyball’s Aharoni: “The USA Woman’s Sitting Team is on fire!”

The USA women’s sitting team won the World Super 6 gold medal this past Sunday in Tokyo, capping a tournament in which the Americans...

What will be the song of the summer?

Some tracks to get your summer started off right