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What a winning streak as Walton wins Georgia 7A championship, more state tourney recaps

Back in 2015, four freshmen made their debuts in the starting lineup for Walton of Georgia, and with it the streak was born. The...
Starlings-Alisha Blass-Starlings volleyball 2019

Starlings Volleyball: “There are always good people out there”

Kim Oden loves getting the calls. The ones that come in unexpectedly, sometimes 10, 15, even 20 years after the fact. They’re from former...

p1440 teams with SCVA with big plans as host of Las Vegas Classic Showcase

Prepare for a Las Vegas Classic showcase like no other. That’s because p1440 has partnered with the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) for the upcoming...
We Will Play Again 8/13/2020-Athlete Performance Solutions

“We Will Play Again” T-shirt fundraiser available to any club volleyball program

A recent study conducted by the Partnership for New York City estimated that roughly one-third of small businesses in the nation’s largest city will...
preventing volleyball injuries 10/22/2020-Chris Koutures

Dr. Chris Koutures: 6 common volleyball injuries and how to prevent them

Working with Olympic-level male and female volleyball players has allowed me a unique appreciation for common volleyball injuries. Since there are six players on...

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