Every Wednesday during the club season, VolleyballMag.com will recognize a Dream Team of eight girls volleyball players (15s to 18s age groups) who were standouts the weekend before.
The team will consist of the following:
Setter, S/RS or RS
We include our eight-player Dream Team below, as well as others we considered, based exclusively upon nominations received (Are you a coach/director who may want to nominate someone next week or in future weeks? Just complete this handy-dandy form: https://volleyballmag.wufoo.com/forms/r7ybeg30hedscp/).

Note to coaches and directors: While there is no science to how we choose members of our Dream Team, performing on bigger stages will give players an edge, as will nomination forms that describe with specificity how well a player performed the previous weekend.

VolleyballMag.com DREAM TEAM for February 9, 2022

S: Rosemary Archer, 6-1 Senior, Dallas Skyline 18 Royal (TX) — Archer, a Pepperdine recruit, ran a 5-1 offense this weekend for Skyline, which won 18 Open at Lone Star to qualify for Junior Nationals. In 10 matches over three days, Archer, running a 5-1 offense for the first time in her career, never left the floor. She led the team in assists with 216 and aces with 14. Archer also had 40 digs and was behind the service line in the semifinals and finals three times with game point at stake and came through each time.

S/RS: Harmony Sample, 6-1 Senior, Madfrog 18’s National Green (TX) — The Frogs double qualified for Junior Nationals by taking second in 18 Open last weekend at Lone Star. Over 22 sets, Sample had 117 assists, 55 kills (hitting .391) and 24 blocks. “She was so efficient and did everything for us,” noted coach Matt Sipes.

Sophia Lindus

OH: Sophia Lindus, 5-10 Senior, Sunshine 18 WS (CA) — A Wesleyan commit, Lindus was on fire this past weekend at Sunshine 18 WS finished third in the Premier Volleyball League event. She was the leading scorer on the court in three Saturday wins, hitting a solid .350. Lindus also was a standout on defense as Sunshine overcame Rancho Valley on its way to a strong third-place finish against a stacked field of 18s in the SCVA.

Kaialani Breeden

OH: Kaialani Breeden, 6-0 Senior OH, Surfside 18 Legends (CA) — Breeden was outstanding last weekend playing in the Premier Division of the PVL. Unsigned and currently considering her options, Breeden helped her stock by leading the team in kills while hitting over .600 for the two-day tournament.

MB: Reagan McGivern, 6-1 Freshman, MAVS KC 15-1 (KS) — McGivern hit .347 and averaged 2.5 blocks for match as MAVS went 9-1 over the weekend in the HOA Power League. “Reagan is a big part of our offense, both in front of and behind our setters,” noted head coach Henry Lee. “She also moves well laterally and takes away a lot of space from hitters.”

MB: Maddie Way, 6-0 Sophomore, City Volleyball 16 Gold (CA) — Way had 35 kills, six solo blocks, 16 assisted blocks and hit .384 for the weekend as City finished second in its pool for the third consecutive PVL event.

Libero: Ella Vogel, 5-8 Sophomore, Colorado Juniors 16Sherri (CO) — One of the elite Sophomore liberos in the nation, Vogel missed the Rocky Mountain Region event two weekends ago after an unfortunate avocado mishap, which required seven stitches (Holy Guacamole!). Vogel played this weekend at the PVL in SoCal stitches and all. She even had to go to urgent care after her wound opened up during the first day of play. But she played on and led the team in digs, averaging just under four per game. “If you were to just stop for a moment by our court, you would notice her immediately, beyond the obvious jersey color difference,” coach Sherri Hawkins said. “She can literally be seen throwing her body all over the court, running balls down from one sideline to another, covering her hitters, sprinting off the court after a shanked ball or a block touch, and then running back to cover under one of her hitters.”

DS: Abby Riehl, 5-5 Junior, Elevation 18 Chicas (OH) — Elevation placed fifth in the 18 USA division at the Ohio Valley Qualifier. The team went a shiny 6-1 and was undefeated over the first two days. Not only did Riehl do a great job defensively, the talented junior also led the team in serve-receive for the tournament, posting a 2.25 pass rate. In a match against Triangle VBC she was almost perfect with a 2.75 rating on a 3.0 scale.

In Memoriam
OH: Alexa Cruz, Junior, Venom Red 18National (AZ) — Alexa lost her life in a car accident on Thursday while headed from her home in Arizona to Texas to participate in the Lone Star National Qualifier. Alexa was an outside hitter at Caesar Chavez High School in Laveen. She ranked in the top 10 academically at her school and was the owner of “Alexa’s Fresas,” whose chocolate covered strawberries and candied treats were consumed with gusto. Alexa was a devotee of the Puerto Rican rapper “Bad Bunny” and was kind hearted and a mentor to younger athletes, providing tips and even giving up her own court time to that they could work on perfecting their skills. Alexa will be sorely missed, not only by family members and those in her volleyball circle who knew her best, but also by the broader volleyball community, which has come to know her in death and mourns a life taken much too soon.

Also considered (by position, in order of consideration):
S/RS: Lily Wedman, 5-8 Freshman, MAVS KC 15-1  (KS) — Wedman set and hit in a 6-2 offense for MAVS, which went 9-1 to forge the best record among 15s in the Heart of America 15s power league last weekend. “Lily started every set as the first setter and was not only instrumental in running the offense, but she also provided offense on both pins, and was a primary passer in some rows of serve receive,” said head coach Henry Lee. Wedman averaged 11 assists per match while hitting .418 and passing at a 2.0 rate.

S: Sarah Kirsch, 5-6 Sophomore, Infinity Volleyball Academy South 16 Open (MS) — At the Southern Hospitality Tournament in Jackson this weekend, Kirsch ran her offense well, recording 134 assists over six matches. She spread the ball around effectively in the finals, guiding her team to victory with 30 total assists in the finals. At least four hitters have at least 5 kills each. She also finished the weekend with 12 aces. The team went 6-0 for the weekend and were crowned the champions of the tournament in the 16s division.

S/RS: Molly Harris, 5-8 Sophomore, Dallas Summit 16 Nike Blue — Harris was outstanding in leading Summit to a fifth-place finish at TexasFest in 16 Open. She led the team in aces with eight and contributed in the front row by hitting .333 as a right side. She defended beautifully, with 18 digs, led the team in assists with 36 in the three matches played.

S/RS: Logan Parks, 5-11 Freshman, MAVS KC 15-1 (KS) — Parks set and hit in a 6-2 offense for MAVS, which went 9-1 in 10 HOA Power League matches last weekend. “Logan was not only instrumental in running the offense, but she also provided a huge outlet for us on the right side,” noted head coach Henry Lee. “In addition, she moved to either pin depending on who we needed her to block.” Parks’ stats for the weekend, included six assists, one block and 1.5 aces per match while hitting .395.

S: Ellie Johnson, 5-9 Senior, 575 18 Clay/Liv (GA) — Johnson was an awesome player and teammate for 575 both on and off the court at the Beast of the Southeast. Johnson connected well with her hitters and played strong defense. She suffered an ankle injury and played through it for a while, before determining on her own that the team would function better with her healing and cheering from the bench.


RS: Taylor Stockman, 5-11 Senior, Adidas Dynasty 18 Black (KS) — In two must-win matches at Sunday’s HOA Power League, Stockman hit a whopping .455 with just one error, foreshadowing what was to come.  Against PVA, Stockman upped her hitting efficiency to .833 with five kills on six swings in the first set.  She followed that up by hitting .667 in Set 2 with four kills on six swings. Committed to Nova Southeastern, Stockman’s offensive output helped Dynasty win the Power League championship. “Taylor was able to energize our team with momentum-changing plays and huge swings in key moments,” said coach Brett Ferguson.

RS: Kate Duffey, 6-0 Sophomore, City Volleyball 16 Gold (CA) — Duffey has been playing setter all season but had to move to the right side this past weekend due to injuries. Work on her hitting over two weeks paid off, as she recorded 35 kills over the course of seven matches while also posting 14 total blocks.

RS: Ketesia Hall, 6-2 Senior, Mizuno Long Beach 18 Rockstar (CA) — Hall played six rotations for Long Beach at the PVL and was outstanding. The unsigned senior hit .290 and was solid defensively, front row and back, as well.

RS: Kadence Livingston, 5-9 Junior, Lake Murray 17 Elite Sue (SC) — A lefty who always finds a way to get the job done, Livingston had a great showing at the Beast of the Southeast in Roswell, Georgia last weekend. Excelling in all aspects of the game, Livingston amassed 33 kills, 15 digs, seven blocks and five aces for the tournament.


OH: Avah Armour, 6-5 Junior, Colorado Juniors 16Sherri (CO) — Armour and CJ went west last weekend to play in the PVL Power League. Armour led Juniors in hitting percentage while recording 37 kills against just six errors. She was steady in the back row and one of the team’s leading passers. “”She is a captain on our team and provides quality leadership as she works to keep all of the players in check,” head coach Sherri Hawkins said.

OH: Sophie Bonnafee, 5-6 Sophomore, Infinity Volleyball Academy South 16 Open (MS) — At the Southern Hospitality tournament this weekend in Jackson, Bonnafee was instrumental to her team’s success. She led the team for the event with 47 kills and 15 aces. “Sophie was able to make key side outs, kills, and aces when her team counted on her,” coach Lisa Cardinale said. Infinity went 6-0 for the weekend and was crowned champions of the 16s division.

OH: Emma Grace Ryne, 6-0 Sophomore, Lake Murray 17 Elite Sue (SC) — Playing in the 17/18 Open Division, Ryne had an amazing showing for her 17s team at the Beast of the Southeast in Atlanta. While her team didn’t have the success they would have hoped, she stood out and dominated at her position. “It didn’t matter how big or fast the other team was, she was not intimidated and played like a warrior both days,” noted head coach Sue Dillon. Ryne had has an incredibly heavy and strong arm and a very high volleyball IQ and used her assets to produce 41 digs, six blocks and eight aces.


MB: Trinniti Stevens, 6-1 Freshman, MAVS KC 15-1  (KS) — Stevens was one of two strong middles, along with Reagan McGivern, who helped MAVS notch the best record – 9-1 – among 15s teams in the HOA Power League last weekend. Stevens hit .444, underscoring her offensive abilities; and added 1.7 blocks per match.


Libero: Quinn Meiser, 5-4 Sophomore, NC Coastal 16 Ellen (NC) — Meiser was the mainstay of a defense that sparked NC Coastal to a 6-0 (12-0) showing in 16 Open at the Queen City Classic in Charlotte. Playing middle back on defense, Meiser totaled 81 digs, averaging 6.75 per set. She also passed a 2.2 and served at 95.4 percent.

Libero: Kaylee Lowther, 5-4 Sophomore, Infinity 16 REN Marcus (MS) — Lowther helped Infinity to a second-place finish at the Southern Hospitality. Her tough serving, with many aces, helped score points for her team and kept opponents off-balance, turning defense into offense for the Mississippi squad. Lowther also was an asset in control, passing serves to target and using her instincts to cover the court defensively.


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