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S: Havannah Hoeft, 5-9 Junior, Rage Westside 18 Michelle (CA) — Hoeft propelled 18 Michelle to 1st place at the Sierra National qualifier in 18 Open. Hoeft played the tournament on a very sprained ankle, but you would never know based on her movement, play and overall toughness. “She was the glue that held the team together and the spirit that kept us fighting (on top of setting a great tournament, blocking some nasty balls in clutch moments and also playing defense like a libero),” coach Michelle Brazil said.

Grace Brooker

RS: Grace Brooker, 6-2 Senior, Adidas KiVA 18 Red (KY) — KiVA was the only non-power pool team in 18Open at Bluegrass to make it into the top six. Brooker has been a huge reason for the team’s current upward trend. She led the team in kills and attack percentage and, in an impressive win over Tri-State Elite 18 Blue, she was able to slow down that team’s lethal outside attack. “Grace’s increased involvement in both our offense and defense is one of the multiple reasons this team has begun to find success,” coach Alan Davis said.

Ella Wrobel

OH: Ella Wrobel, 6-4 Senior, Sports Performance 18 Elite (IL) — A Wisconsin signee, Wrobel starred as 18 Elite took down Munciana 18 Samurai to win the 18Open division at Bluegrass. Wrobel hit .550 in the championship match with 13 kills and .460 for the weekend with 85 kills. She also was second on the team in blocks for the tourney.

Sydney Nolan

OH: Sydney Nolan, 6-3 Junior, NKYVC 17-1 Tsunami (KY) — 17 Tsunami went 4-1 at Bluegrass this past weekend, losing only to eventual champion Circle City 17 Purple. Nolan was dynamic all weekend. She had a .350 hitting percentage on the weekend and 14 kills in the match against Circle City. “She played high above the net and was a huge factor in all matches,” director Jill Hunt said.

MB: Breklyn Pulling, 6-2 Senior, Colorado Juniors 18Doug (CO) — CJ 18 Doug has double qualified in 18 USA the past two weekends and won in Boston last weekend. During that span, Pulling had 135 kills, 27 errors and 200 attempts for a hitting percentage of .540. She also has 28 aces. “Breklyn’s court leadership and drive on the court helped lead her team to earn a 4th and a 1st at both qualifiers, which resulted in getting 2 bids,” Starck said.

Jordan Taylor

MB: Jordan Taylor, 6-4.5 Freshman, Houston Juniors 15 Elite (TX) — A huge presence for HJV, Taylor was terrific all weekend at the Tour of Texas finals. She helped her team beat vaunted TAV 15 Black on Saturday and was a force against them one day later when the teams met for the championship. On the weekend, Taylor finished with 34 kills while hitting .355 and added 14 blocks.

Libero: Molly Urban, 5-4 Junior, Circle City 17 Purple (IN) — Urban had a great weekend in Louisville, helping Circle win Bluegrass without a loss. “She is one of the quickest players I ever coached and she was making countless defensive plays both in left and right back,” said coach Chris Due. “It was not only her defensive plays that made a huge difference, but also the impact she had on the floor with her great coverage plays, solid passing in serve receive, and good out of system play that really made an impact for us.”

DS: Carly Greskovics, 5-5 Junior, Sunshine 17-LA (CA) — Sunshine won the Premier Volleyball League Tournament 2 this past weekend, defeating WAVE 17-Juliana in the finals. Greskovics impacted that match by bringing big energy and by notching seven digs in the left back and by passing serve at an efficient clip.

Also considered (by position, in order of consideration):

S/RS: Kirra Musgrove, 6-2 Freshman, Houston Juniors 15 Elite (TX) — A lefty, Musgrove played six rotations as a S/RS and led HJV to second place at the Tour of Texas finals. Musgrove hit.360 on the right side with 36 kills. She also registered 93 assists and 48 digs while playing many of the state’s top 15s teams.

S: Sarena Gonzalez, 5-7 Junior, Forza1 17UA (CA) — Forza1’s Aaron Flores said that Gonzales was “the definition of a setter” during last weekend’s Tournament 2 in the Premier Volleyball League. Over four straight matches, the San Diego State commit distributed the ball with precision and had four different teammates lead the team in kills. “Her ability to set her middles from all over the court allowed her team to constantly keep the opponent guessing,” Flores said. “She was the ultimate leader. She leads by example and was second on the team in digs at the setting position and served extremely well.”

S: Brynn Covell, 6-0 Junior, NC Volleyball Academy 17 Diamond (NC) — Sciborski helped lead 17 Diamond to a victory at the SAVL Power League event in South Carolina last weekend. Over 10 sets, Covell, a Texas A&M pledge, had 84 assists. She also had 23 digs, six aces, two blocks and hit .269 on 26 attempts out of the front row. “Brynn is a very athletic setter who can get our team out of jams by saving tight passes or chase down errant passes and get hitters in good situations to at least take some swings,” noted coach Jon Garner.

S/RS: Logan Parks, 5-11 Freshman, MAVS KC 15-1 (KS) — MAVS won the HOA Power League in the 15s division with a 14-1 record, beating a tough Dynasty 15 Black team in the final match, to earn National bid to GJNCs. “Logan contributed in every category in the five matches played this past Saturday,” said coach Henry Lee. “Her hitting percentage was 0.417 for the day; she contributed to five blocks, had 30 assists and 21 digs.”

S: Malorie Boesiger, 5-8 eighth grader, Nebraska One 15 Synergy (NE) — 15 Synergy had a great weekend playing 17 Gold at the Nebraska Elite power league. The team went 4-0 over nine sets to win and Boesiger amassed 90 assists, 18 digs, 10 aces and seven kills. “She is only 13, but has held her own and excelled playing not only 2 years up on our team, but sometimes 4 years up against 17 year-olds,” said coach Christina Boesiger, a noted club and HS coach. “We are working on running a faster tempo offense, and she has jumped right in and is doing that. She puts in the time for 2-3 extra training sessions each week, outside of our regular practice times.”

S: Darby Harris, 5-9 Senior, Sports Performance 18 Elite (IL) — Harris, a Rice signee, set SPVB to the 18 Open title in Louisville at the Bluegrass Tournament. Under her leadership, 18 Elite hit .358 for the tournament and defeated top-seeded Munciana 18 Samurai in the finals.

S: Logan Jones, 5-9 Junior, MAVS KC 17-1 (KS) — Jones led MAVS to a 4-1 record in on the weekend during the HOA power league. She constantly put her hitters in 1-on-1 situations.

S: Madison Smith, 5-7 Senior, Adidas Dynasty 18 Blue (KS) — Smith, an uncommitted senior, produced 7.5 assists and 3.72 digs per set at HOA Regionals as the S2 in a 6-2 offense this past weekend. “Smith also led the team in serving with 9 aces during the weekend,” said coach Marshall Goenawan. “Every time she comes up to serve, we’re confident that she will hit the zone we are giving her and is going to make teams play out of system with her bullet serve. We adjusted hitters around Madi and she was able to connect to all of her hitters flawlessly. She and Meredith (our MB) were like two peas in a pod and were just having fun and going at it every time we got a great first contact. It was fun watching Madi play this weekend. She put her heart on every play and hustling to every ball.”


RS: Divine Muo, 5-11 Senior, Dallas Premier 18 Nike Black (TX) — A traditional right side attacker who plays three rotations, Muo went off on the left when asked to fulfill that role this past weekend while playing 18 USA at the Boston Nike Qualifier. “Divine took over matches with her aggressiveness offensively and played great defense as well,” said coach Geoff Kiessling about the uncommitted senior. “Sometimes, as the last line of defense for us, she made plays that turned what should have been points for the other team into defensive transition opportunities for us.” Muo is a very versatile attacker from either pin, with a good jump and a live arm, as well as a very high academic student. She is seeking that perfect fit academically and athletically.

RS: Carly Sciborski, 6-4 Junior, NC Volleyball Academy 17 Diamond (NC) — Sciborski helped lead 17 Diamond to a victory at the SAVL Power League event in South Carolina last weekend. Over 10 sets, the American University recruit hit .369 on 65 attempts, recorded 33 kills and five blocks.

RS: Meredith Hohnbaum, 6-1 Senior, Team Indiana Elite 18.1 (IN) — The UNH signee was an offensive weapon for TI, helping her club finish third overall in 18 Open at Bluegrass. TI also handed Bluegrass champion Sports Performance 18 Elite its first loss of the season on Day 1 of the event.

RS: Betsy Goodenow, 5-11 Junior, MAVS KC 17-1 (KS) — Goodenow led her team in kills Sunday during the HOA power league. Her team finished 14-1 overall in the power league.


OH: Chloe Chicoine, 5-11 Junior, Circle City 17 Purple (IN) — Chicoine, a Purdue recruit now after previously committing to Russ Rose at Penn State, had the “wow factor” going again at Bluegrass this past weekend. A previous member of the Dream Team, head coach Chris Due said Chicoine “did typically Chloe things, bouncing balls off the court, playing relentless defense flying around the court, and passing dimes in serve receive. One thing that is really improving with Chloe’s game is her serve and that really showed this weekend as well.”

OH: Alyssa Worden, 5-10 Senior, Sports Performance 18 Elite (IL) — An Iowa signee, Worden starred as 18 Elite took down Munciana 18 Samurai to win the 18Open division at Bluegrass. Worden hit .346 in the championship match with 12 kills and passed swerve at a .233 clip for the weekend.

OH: Simone Adams, 5-10 Senior, Absolute 17 Black (CA) — A Johns Hopkins recruit playing down, Adams was instrumental in her team’s 8-0 (16-0) run through the NorCal regional finals. The six-rotation outside hit .352 and led her team in kills.

OH: Lakin Laurendine, 6-2 Junior, Infinity 17 Open Brian (MS) — The Mississippi Gatorade HS POY was solid in all areas at Bluegrass last weekend. She passed great, played good defense and was consistent in her attack. Laurendine’s strong play sparked Infinity to a T-7 in 17 Open.

OH: Reagan Barth, 6-0 Junior, MAVS KC 17-1 (KS) — Barth was a dominating force offensively and controlled the ball well in serve-receive for MAVS, which went 4-1 in the HOA power league to finish up 14-1 overall.

OH: Elaina Erickson, 5-9 Sophomore, FaR Out 16 Black (MI) — Erickson played at Bluegrass this past weekend, where her team went 2-3 and tied for 13th place. “Elaina was easily our best player this weekend,” said coach Val Lurye. “She passed a 2.45 (less than 1% aced, and 80% perfect) while splitting the court with one other player (Libero, Carley Piercefield). Teams typically try to avoid our libero, but Elaina is just as good in serve receive. She consistently put us in a position to side out this weekend, while also having to transition out to attack as we were down a primary attacker and had some others struggling to score. She added on 46 digs, once again primarily splitting the court with our libero. Her ability to defend such a large piece of the court and to put up high quality touches at the same time is why we are able to find success as a team.”

OH: Maddy Wilson, 6-1 Senior, Colorado Juniors 18Doug (CO) — CJ 18 Doug has double qualified in 18 USA the past two weekends and won in Boston last weekend. During that span, Wilson has a combined total of 102 kills, 24 errors and 203 attempts for a hitting percentage of 38%. “Maddy’s determination and no-quit attitude on the court helped lead her team to a 4th and 1st place finish, respectively, with a record of 16-3,” Doug Starck said.

OH: Kyrah Clark, 5-9 Sophomore, M1 16-2 (MN) — Clark was terrific in six rotations forM1 16-2, which took second place in 16 Silver at the Mizuno Showcase last weekend. Over eight matches, she had 14 kills and nine digs while passing 2.2 in serve-receive. She also served at 96 percent from the line.


MB: Layla Collins, 6-0 Sophomore, Sports Performance 16 Elite (IL) — Collins had a supreme performance in 16 Open at Bluegrass this past weekend, where her team tied for seventh. Over five matches, she hit .750 with zero errors and contributed 11 blocks. “This is her first time ever in the middle position and she is definitely doing a great job,” said coach Seth Salmon.

MB: Meredith Brown, 5-11 MB, Adidas Dynasty 18 Blue (KS) — Brown turned on the jets this past weekend at the HOA Regionals tournament. “She came out of the gates with some heavy hits and huge blocks for our team – which put us in the Gold Bracket on Sunday,” said coach Marshall Goenawan. “This was the best I’ve seen her play this season! She wanted the ball more and, when she gets a hold of one, the defense better watch out.” There had been a school shooting at Olathe East, where Brown attends, two days before Regionals and there was concern that Brown would not be mentally ready for the tournament. The opposite was true. Brown, who remains uncommitted, was the leading hitter for the weekend with a 0.317 hitting percentage. She was also the team’s leading blocker. “After some unfortunate event that happened at her school, I’m proud of how she overcame adversity and handled things on the court this past weekend,” Goenawan said.

MB: Elise Hart, 6-0 Freshman, Adidas Kiva 15 Red (KY) — Playing against power pool level teams at Bluegrass, Elise had over 20 kills on the weekend while only having 1 error. “She did this while always going against 2-3 blocks due to having no setter all weekend and hitting high 2s in the middle from a DS or other player we rotated through the spot,” said coach Rick Nold.

MB: Trinniti Stevens, 6-1 Freshman, MAVS KC 15-1 (KS) — MAVS won the HOA Power League in the 15s division with a 14-1 record, beating a tough Dynasty 15 Black team in the final match, to earn National bid to GJNCs. Over five matches, Stevens hit .423 with eight blocks. “She played some of the best volleyball she’s played this season thus far,” said coach Henry Lee.

MB: Phoebe Loth, 6-0 Sophomore, M1 16-2 (MN) — Loth was an offensive machine for M1 16-2 this past weekend. The hit .583 for a team that took second place in 16 Silver at the Mizuno Showcase last weekend. She added seven blocks for the weekend, served 100 percent from the line with six aces and added five digs, all over eight matches. .

MB: Rebekah Hardy, 6-0 Sophomore, M1 16-2 (MN) — Hardy had 10 blocks and hit .300 for 16-2, which took second place in 16 Silver at the Mizuno Showcase last weekend. “Bekah’s high spirit and great teammate energy keeps M1 16-2 ready and excited for the next big play and celebration,” said coach Jasmine Draper.


Libero: Aniya Warren, 5-8 Freshman, Sports Performance 16 Elite — Warren appears to be the next in a long line of great SPVB liberos. This past weekend at Bluegrass, where her team finished T-7 in 16 Open, the freshman passed 2.21 while averaging six digs per set. Her defensive effort included making a great save into the bleachers in which she got the wind knocked out of herself.

Libero: Reagan Anderson, 5-4 Junior, MAVS KC 17-1 (KS) — Anderson was top notch from the serve-receive aspect of the game and dominated the defensive side of the balls for MAVS, which went 4-1 on the weekend (and 14-1 overall) during the HOA power league.

Libero: Sydney Black, 5-7 Freshman, Houston Juniors 15 Elite (TX) — Black was outstanding at the Tour of Texas over the weekend. The freshman passed a 2.17 and added 47 digs in helping her team reach the championship match. “She has proven to be the calm during the storm of a lot of matches,” said coach Lauren Rhodes. “Leading and communicating on and off the court, she has been a huge asset to this team.”

Libero: Sunni Sheppard, 5-3 Junior, Infinity 17 Open Brian (MS) — Sheppard’s outstanding play in serve-receive and on defense kept Infinity in all of its matches and helped the Mississippi club to a T-7 finish in 17 Open.


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