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S: Rachael Reyes, 5-8 Sophomore, City 15 Gold (CA) — Reyes set a 5-1 this past weekend to lead City to the championship match in 15 American at Far Westerns. She was instrumental in the team’s run to the finals, averaging 9.8 assists per set. Reyes also was offensive minded and, as a lefty, was able to score points in the front with both her aggressive dump and lefty arm swing. She also blocked well for her team, recording four blocks in a playoff match.

RS: Madison Pietsch, 6-2 Senior, Rage Westside 18 Michelle (CA) — Pietsch was a do-everything player for Rage, which tied for ninth in 18 Open at 18s Junior Nationals. She got big time kills, was an immense blocker and her serve-receive passing was so consistent and solid. She also was a significant offensive threat out of the back row. Fun fact: Pietsch, a USC signee, ended her club practice career by getting the last kill of practice and she ended her club playing career on an ace to win the match.

Sophia Lindus

OH: Sophia Lindus, 5-10 Senior, Sunshine 18 Westside (CA) — Lindus was named MVP as Sunshine was the 18 USA title at 18s Junior Nationals this past weekend in Phoenix. She hit an outrageous .450 while carrying 45 percent of the offensive load for 18 Westside. “Sophia is one of the players that does all the little things that make good teams just be great,” said coach Frankie Valdez. Lindus also was MVP last summer when Sunshine 17 Westside won the 17 American title at Junior Nationals.

Maya Duckworth with her coaches

OH: Maya Duckworth, 5-9 Senior, Madfrog 18’s National Green (TX) — Duckworth was the Frogs’ MVP on their historic run to the 18 Open Silver Medal at USAV 18s Junior Nationals. “She had the game of her life against No. 1 A5 in the Challenge Match,” said coach Matt Sipes. “Maya was instrumental in defense, passing, and terminating the ball.” She had 14 kills and eight digs in that match including a game saving dig, which took her into the bench, late in the second set. “She elevated her game to a level I have never seen,” Sipes said. “She was a floor leader vocally and in action.”

MB: Anne Marie Remmes, 6-2 Senior, Adversity 18 Adidas (IL) — Remmes played for the first time in nine months this past weekend at 18s Junior Nationals. She’d suffered an ACL tear at Junior Nationals last summer. She was used sparingly through the tournament but every time she came in it was an energy boost that helped Adversity finish in the top 5 in 18 Open. Remmes managed to swing over .400 on the weekend and registered an ace.

Julia Hunt

MB: Julia Hunt, 6-2 Sophomore, NKYVC 16 Tsunami (KY) — During a week in which Hunt received a Division I basketball offer, she showed why she is one of the top middle blocker recruits in the nation. Hunt was a big contributor on both sides of the ball this weekend for 16 Tsunami, which finished 3rd in 16 Open at NEQ. “She puts up a big block that makes hitters change their attack and she has a quick arm that can be hard to stop,” noted the club director. “She is versatile and can score in all three positions across the net.” Hunt averaged almost four kills per set and hit over .400 for the weekend.

Libero: Ella Vogel, 5-7 Sophomore, Colorado Juniors 16 Sherri (CO) — Seriously, you could put Vogel on this list every week that Juniors plays. She is that consistently good. At NEQ last weekend, where CJ double qualified by placing second in 16 Open, Vogel was just three digs shy of 100. She also passed very well, finishing at over a 2.2 for the weekend. “At one point, during a time out in the 3rd set of our match against TAV, I pulled her and Izzy Starck aside and told them we needed to win it in that rotation, with Ella on the serving line,” coach Sherri Hawkins related. “If I remember correctly, TAV called the timeout and I think we were up 12-11. Ella’s response was, ‘OK, we’ve got it. I got it.’ We ended up winning that 3rd set, 15-11, in part because she was good on the line; but also because she put on a defensive clinic, making digs that only Ella could make, allowing us to transition to score.”

DS: Eve McLaury, 5-8 Sophomore, Colorado Juniors 16Sherri (CO) — “Eve was simply everywhere this past weekend at the NEQ, digging balls in middle back from corner to corner!” exclaimed Juniors coach Sherri Hawkins. “This was an important tournament for her, as she came to us from Virginia Juniors, and she was going to be ‘back home.’ She was definitely motivated to perform, to show her old club mates that she was doing well in Colorado! She sure did perform too! In 22 sets, Eve came up with a whopping 82 digs, just 15 behind our libero!”

Also considered (by position, in order of consideration):

S: Havannah Hoeft, 5-9 Junior, Rage Westside 18 Michelle (CA) — Known by “Fran,” Hoeft was the heart and soul behind Rage’s impressive T-9 in 18 Open at 18s Junior Nationals. “She’s the glue that holds our team together,” said coach Michelle Brazil. “This was the first tournament since Music City that she’s been healthy (she sprained her ankle right before Far Westerns). Her consistency, smarts, and ability to do block and play defense helped us win some big matches. She has a great personality and a great head on her shoulders and immediately elevates any team she’s on.”

S: Veronia Sierzant, 6-3 Junior, JJVA 17 Teal (FL) — Sierzant shows her dedication by driving two hours from Savannah to practice with her team. That work paid off this weekend at the Florida Region National Bid Tournament. Sierzant had 161 assists, 56 digs, 22 blocks and 15 aces to help her team go 9-1 and secure a USA bid to Junior Nationals.” Veronica has grown into a leader on and off the court this year with her new team,” said recruiting coordinator CJ Sherman.

S/RS: Logan Parks, 5-11 Freshman, MAVS KC 15-1 (KS) — Parks played a huge role in her team’s 15 Open qualifying effort in Philly this past weekend. “She ran a good tempo to our middles, which helped give our pins seams,” noted coach Henry Lee. “At times, she was an opposite for us when we needed her to swing out of the back row. Logan played a huge role for us this weekend. She was able to shut down some of the best OHs in the country and she came up with many crucial kills and blocks. In addition, Logan is also a grounded leader on and off the court.”

S: Dani Sparks, 5-7 Junior, Seal Beach 16 Black (CA) — Sparks made the most of her three rotations in helping Seal Beach to a qualifying spot in 16 Open at NEQ on Sunday. “Dani provides a ton efficiency even as a 3-rotation backrow setter,” explained coach Michael Ma. “She consistently goes on a serving run with her ability to hit her zones with precision. Dani also plays fearless defense and reads opposing attackers near perfectly. Lastly, she is able to distribute on offense from on and off the net.”

S: Kate Linnig, 5-7 Senior, 1st Alliance 18 Silver (IL) — Linnig, a team captain, battled all weekend long in 18 America at Junior Nationals to help the team earn some key victories and endure some tight set losses. “She leaves it all out on the court, whether it’s with her short serve aces or putting an out of system ball up for a hitter to swing at,” said coach Matt Madia. “After the last win of her club career you can see the emotion. The team didn’t finish quite where we wanted to, but Katie and our other captain, Mia Shields, kept the team fighting. She has a great ability to read the game and see how the flow is going and where the ball should go next. On defense she has improved her game to read where the hit is going. Lastly, with only a couple of weeks of block training, she was able to get a lot of touches and some blocks at Nationals.”

S: Delaney Mihelic, 5-8 Senior, Seal Beach 18 Black (CA) — Mihelic played some of her best volleyball of the season at 18s GJNC this last weekend in the 18 Patriot division. The Stonehill college recruit, setting in a 6-2 system, was excellent in the back row, collecting 43 digs (2.53 digs per set). She got to the net quickly, saved tight balls and covered her hitters. She also was very efficient delivering sets to her hitters, collecting 94 assists, while adding 16 aces and using her serve to get teams in all sorts of passing trouble.


RS: Kadence Livingston, 5-9 Junior, Lake Murray 17 Elite Sue (SC) — Livingston was a huge asset on the right side for LMVC at the Showdown in the Smokies this past weekend. The team’s lefty “go to” offensive player, Livingston finished the weekend with 33 kills, nine aces, eight blocks and seven digs. “Kadence has an amazing volleyball IQ that makes her such a great option for our setters,” noted coach Sue Dillon. “She plays all around and also plays amazing defense and leads the team in aces. People know her as the ‘girl with the Spongebob shoes’ and she literally looks like she floats because she jumps so high.”


OH: Kaci Demaria, 6-4 Freshman, Surfside PV15 Legends (CA) — One of the best freshman attackers in the nation, Demaria led Surfside to second place in 15 Open at NEQ over the weekend. Demaria was the team kills and aces leader, as she has been all season. She was also a standout in the back row, both diggint he ball and attacking from behind the line.

OH: Ava Tilden, 6-0 Freshman, NKYVC 15 Tsunami (KY) — Tilden’s heavy arm and shot making ability came in handy this weekend in Philly. She averaged 11.4 kills per match as the go-to hitter to help Tsunami qualify for Junior Nationals in 15 Open at NEQ. “She is intense and a great leader,” said coach Jill Hunt.

OH: Lilah Stevens, 5-9 Sophomore, Metro 16 Travel (D.C.) — Stevens is an under the radar talent because of the presence of 6-4 bookends on the pins with her, but she is averaging more than two kills per set and hitting .320 on the weekend. “There have been several matches (including this weekend) that Lilah has bailed out the team when we needed a kill or a block at a critical moment,” noted coach Sam Danai. Thanks to the wok from Stevens and other, Metro 16 Travel captured its first-ever qualifier victory at NEQ.

OH: Ashley Repetti, 5-11 Freshman, Seal Beach 16 Black (CA) — Repetti was instrumental in Seal Beach’s qualification in 16 Open at NEQ this past weekend. “She is a great, 6-rotation outside hitter, smooth serve receive passer as well as an efficient attacker with various shots and swings,” noted coach Michael Ma. “Most importantly, Ashley was a consistent energizer bunny, hyping her teammates with loud, positive communication.”

OH: Sara Prueter, 5-11 Senior, 1st Alliance 18 Silver (IL) — Prueter’s last swing of her volleyball career was a kill that gave 18 Silver a 15-13 win in 18 American at Junior Nationals. “It’s a great way to end your volleyball career and a moment I don’t think she will forget; sort of like a grand slam in the ninth or a last second field goal,” said coach Matt Madia. “It was a fitting moment. Sara never left the court all weekend and was taking a heavy workload on the offensive side. She fought hard for every point.”

OH: Maddie Mira, 5-8 Freshman, PSVA Valdosta 15 Black (GA) — Mira was a standout for 15 Black during a challenging two-day tournament this past weekend. She led the team in kills, digs and aces and averaged seven kills, seven digs, three aces and one block per set for the event.

OH: Paityn Chapman, 6-3 Sophomore, Colorado Juniors 16Sherri (CO) — All those extra reps are paying off for Chapman and for CJ. Chapman had a kill percentage of 30 percent and totaled 68 kills as Juniors finished second in 16 Open at the Northeast Qualifier.

OH: Jenna Otts, 6-1 Junior, JJVA 17 Teal (FL) — Otts dominated the net for JJVA, which went 9-1 at the Florida Region Bid Tournament over the weekend to secure a 17 USA bid. She finished the two-day event with 89 kills, 35 digs and 22 aces while hitting .270.

OH: Sydney Scott, 5-9 Junior, Seal Beach 18 Black (CA) — Scott played some of her best volleyball of the season at 18s GJNC this last weekend in the 18 Patriot division. A junior playing up on an 18s team, she was a steady and consistent presence for her team. A feisty competitor, she played with a ton of heart. Scott received 92 serve receptions, while also contributing 2.3 kills per set, 2.12 digs per set. She collected eight aces and five assists on the weekend.


MB: Rhiann Sheffie, 6-1 Senior, Mizuno Long Beach 18 Rockstar J (CA) — Sheffie had five blocks and hit .370 to help lead Mizuno to the 18 Open quarterfinals.

MB: Marae Reilly, 6-0 Sophomore, Colorado Juniors 16Sherri (CO) — Reilly hit over .300 for the weekend at NEQ to help Juniors finish second in 16 Open. The relatively undersized sophomore had 20 or more blocks and combined with fellow middle Grace Woodring to put home 60 kills. “They work hard to get up in transition as well as block everything they can,” said coach Sherri Hawkins. “They go somewhat unnoticed because the pin hitters around them are all well over 6-0 tall. I think because they look small, teams don’t expect much out of them.”

MB: Grace Woodring, 5-10 Sophomore, Colorado Juniors 16Sherri (CO) — Woodring hit over .300 for the weekend at NEQ to help Juniors finish second in 16 Open. The relatively undersized sophomore had 20 or more blocks and combined with fellow middle Marae Reilly to put home 60 kills. “They work hard to get up in transition as well as block everything they can,” said coach Sherri Hawkins. “They go somewhat unnoticed because the pin hitters around them are all well over 6 feet tall. I think because they look small, teams don’t expect much out of them.”

MB: Caylee Collins, 5-8 Sophomore, PSVA Valdosta 16 Black (GA) — Collins’ performance was crucial in winning SVT’s Southern Volleyball Championship on the weekend. In the six matches played, she led her team in three different categories: aces (16), kills (41) and blocks (11). “She brings versatility with attacking options and is disciplined in her transition,” said coach Val Gallahan. “Although she is undersized, she is a dynamic and explosive athlete, capable and willing to hold the block for her pin hitters. In addition to her athleticism and skill, Collins can be counted on to bring encouragement and positive energy to the court.”


Libero: Julia Grace, 5-5 Freshman, NKYVC 15 Tsunami (KY) — Grace averaged 12 digs per match and was instrumental in NKYVC’s 15 Open qualification at NEQ. “She anchors the serve receive, she stays calm and controlled and does a great job as the quarterback of the defense,” said coach Jill Hunt. “She has a great ability to read the court and is excellent in pursuit on the ball!”

Libero: Brookelyn Hatton, 5-4 Freshman, MAVS 816 15-1 (MO) — MAVS 816 finished in the upper half of 15 Open at NEQ last weekend, despite losing an OH to injury on Day 1. Hatton embraced a bigger role because of the injury, passing in five of six rotations. Even while often passing more than half the court, she passed a 2.15 passing for the weekend. “Her defense kept us alive in long matches and she had fearless pursuit all weekend,” said coach Connor Gregston. “Although we were a few points short from reaching the gold pools, we don’t push both of our losses to a third set on Day 2 without Brookelyn.”

Libero: Sarah Tomko, 5-6 Senior, TK 18 Legends (GA) — Club director Suzanne Fitzgerald called Tomko “unstoppable defensively” all weekend at 18 Junior Nationals. “She always plays fearlessly and will do anything to keep a ball off the ground,” Fitzgerald added. “Her service game was solid as well, and she did an outstanding job keeping other teams out of system. Most noteworthy to me though, was her consistent coverage on the block. She always had her hitters’ backs so they could also swing with confidence knowing that no matter what, Sarah would be there to give them another chance if needed.”

Libero: Trinity Chavaria, 5-4 Senior, Central Valley Starlings 18 Brandi (CA) — Chavaria led her team to a fourth-place finish at JAM On Spring Break. In addition to exceptional defense, she also averaged two assists per set and led the team in serving.


DS: Lacey Hostetler, 5-7 Freshman, NKYVC 15 Tsunami (KY) — Hostetler averaged seven digs per match and contributed even more with her aggressive serves, solid serve receive and energy on the court. Moreover, she was huge in huge moments, coming up with momentum-altering digs that helped Tsunami qualify in 15 Open at NEQ.

DS: Mia Watson, 5-4 Junior, JJVA 17 Teal (FL) — A team player and amazing teammate, Watson took off her libero jersey on Day 3 of the Florida Region National Bid Tournament tourney and provided her JJVA 17 Teal team with some amazing serves and defense. Watson served four straight points in the elite quarterfinals versus Wildfire 17 Brian. She had one ace but 10 service points and four digs in the 25-19, 25-18 win, putting JJVA 17 Teal in contention for a bid in the final four. For the event, Watson posted 29 digs, 37 service attempts and 27 service points. “Mia rose to the occasion and played middle back, right back and left back, while subbing in for a middle or a left side or a right side,” noted recruiting coordinator CJ Sherman.

DS: Kaylee Tingey, 5-8 Freshman, MAVS KC 1501 (KS) — Tingey had a transcendent weekend playing DS and libero for MAVS, which qualified in 15 Open at NEQ. “She came up with clutch digs and covered our hitters so reliably during key matches over the weekend at NEQ,” said coach Henry Lee. “Not only does she work extremely hard, she’s also an extremely positive and supportive teammate.”

DS: Rose Porter, Senior, TK 18 Legends (GA) — Porter was a rock star on serve receive this past weekend at 18s Junior Nationals. “She is so selfless and supportive,” said TK’s Suzanne Fitzgerald. “Not to mention, I can move her around the backrow and she can play all three areas equally well. She was such a huge asset to our defensive unit, and I am so proud of her efforts at Nationals.”


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