Rob Browning is the head volleyball coach at Saint Mary’s and former assistant coach for the USA men’s national team. He’s the guest on this edition of Coach Your Brains Out to discuss a variety of topics including the importance of “becoming your own coach.”

Browning has had many mentors and influences over the years, but believes coaches should find their own voice and coach in a way that is true to them.

As he says, “there are principles out there to guide you but they don’t dictate what you do.” The drills he’s taken from other coaches have changed as he puts his own spin on them, finding what works for his team.

We get a glimpse into what a Saint Mary’s practice looks like, and how his players have “to-do lists” or controllable short-term goals they must check off before moving on to something else. Browning also talks about serving and why he is not quick to call timeouts.

Saint Mary’s has a successful college beach program and Browning talks about the similarities between beach and indoor and how playing beach has helped his indoor players.

Browning is a knowledgeable and humble coach.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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