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In today’s digital landscape, streaming, downloading, and sharing music from around the world (both legally and not-so legally) has never been easier. As a DJ, I spend many hours a day looking for and discovering new music, but for many listeners, it can be a challenge to navigate the entire Internet to discover the next big artists and songs. The radio, iTunes Top Ten lists, a friend’s recommendations, or your favorite music blog can all be great ways to find new songs that will really speak to your soul. Even so, there are plenty of talented musicians and amazing songs that sometimes slip through the cracks. That’s where the DJ steps in. DJs usually play a lot of music that’s already popular to please their audience, but I like to sneak something a bit more obscure into my DJ sets every few songs. It keeps the sets fresh and educates the crowd at the same time. Since youre reading this and not at one of my live gigs at the moment, Ive created a list of songs you should add to your playlist.

Chromeo feat. Toro y Moi
Come Alive

Duck Sauce
Radio Stereo

Look Like You Love It

Heavy English
21 Flights

Ivy Levan
Hang Forever

Lykke Li
Just Like a Dream


Nico & Vinz
Am I Wrong

God’s Whisper

Water Fountain


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