Editor’s Picks: Fitness Apps

Our favorite fitness apps of the moment.

Nike Training Club

This free app is awesome for the days when you just cant be bothered to come up with a workout. Featuring 15, 30, and 45-minute workouts, the NTC app allows you to review photos and videos of each move before or during the workouts. Some workouts are designed by famous athletes, trainers, and celebrities (including Brazilian pro beach volleyball stars Carolina and Maria Salgado), while others target a specific body part or fitness goal. The personalization is endless with this app, but for me, it works best as a database of challenging workouts that is at my fingertips at all times.


VERT is in this bizarre realm between being categorized as a fitness app, a coaching app, and a stats app. Luckily, no matter how you categorize it, there’s no doubt that this is one of the coolest technologies available for volleyball players, fans, and coaches. The tiny VERT device is worn on the body and sends data on height and frequency of jumps to a smartphone or tablet in real time. More innovative uses are still being developed for this gadget, but it’s definitely a must have for tech-savvy volleyball programs.


The free PEAR app allows you to set up a profile, purchase workouts and training plans, or take advantage of the ones it offers at no cost. Featuring a wide variety of activities, including running, weightlifting, stand up paddleboard, and sand volleyball conditioning, PEAR workouts can be performed with the PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence System ($99.95, pearsports.com), which includes a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and specialized headphones, to utilize heart rate zones and make sure youre training at the proper intensity. Each workout is narrated by a coach who offers technique and training tips as you go and helps you stay in the right heart rate zone. (Make sure to do the calibration workout first to set the scale to your unique fitness level.) Thanks to a partnership with the World Series of Beach Volleyball, youll find plenty of sport-specific workouts narrated by pros Holly McPeak, Barbara Fontana, Christal Engle, and Brittany Hochevar like Basic Ball Control, Jump Serving Preparation, and Blockers Training.


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