Flip Your Fitness Perspective

Editor Megan Kaplon plays with a new way to look at fitness

As a lifelong athlete, fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Ive tried all the trendsCrossFit, yoga, P90X (1, 2, and 3)and even entertained the thought of training for triathlons or joining an adult track club. I thrive on competitionwith myself in the weight room, my opponents on the court, and the yogis around me in class (even though that’s a big yoga faux pas).

This year for the magazine’s annual fitness issue, however, Ive done my best to tone down my take-no-prisoners approach to fitness and go at it from a different direction. In these pages, you wont find workouts promising flatter abs or thinner thighs (not that skinny thighs would or should ever be the goal for volleyball players), or even ones boasting the ability to add inches to your vertical or increase your swing speed. Instead, were slowing down, taking time to do a proper dynamic warm-up and contemplating the best practices for staying healthy and injury-free in a cutthroat athletic environment (Addressing the Injury Issue). After all, you cant hit the squat rack with a bum knee or get the most out of your workout without a good warm-up. Taking the long view in the weight room and in practice will result in greater gains and better performance on the court. Flatter abs are a short term goal; healthy knees are for life.

Extra bonuses to enhance your fitness routine include our picks for the best fitness apps for volleyball players and a workout playlist curated by AVP pro Jeremy Casebeer and VBM music columnist Jeremy Roueche. And of course, weve worked some volleyball news in around these fitness features, including highlights from the U.S. Men’s National Team’s matches against Iran in Southern California, the conclusion of the AVP season, and the top club programs in the country, all of which remind us why we care about fitness in the first place: because it allows us to be the best volleyball players we can be.

Lift, stretch, jump, and sprint on, friends.

Megan Kaplon


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