Former Penn State star Washington offers thoughts on race, making positive changes

Halieigh Washington 10/3/2020
Annie Drews, left, and Haleigh Washington put up the block against Poland's Natalia Medrzyk as Lauren Carlini looks on in a 2019 match/FIVB photo

“Diversify your Instagram.”

Haleigh Washington talked to us from Novara, Italy. The former Penn State star is as well known for being a tremendous volleyball player as being good-humored and someone extremely socially and culturally aware.

We opened with what’s happening in the world today with fighting racism and police brutality.

“People are talking about it over here,” she said, “and that’s cool.”

Haleigh Washington

She’s currently playing for Igor Gorgonzola Novara, but is certainly keeping up with what’s happening back here.

“It’s inspiring to see people from my generation stepping up as leaders and using their voices and their platforms to become activists,” Washington said.


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