Legendary names like Flo Hyman, Burt DeGroot, Liz Masakayan and Elaina Oden spice the Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame list of 27 preliminary nominees who will be pared down to 15 and inducted on May 6, 2018.

Other names on the list easily recognized by volleyball fans the world over include John Speraw, the former UCLA player, current coach and USA national-team coach; Olympic gold-medalists Scott Fortune, Pat Powers, Steve Salmons, Eric Sato and Dain Blanton; plus women’s Olympic medalists Jeanne Beauprey-Reeves, Tayyiba Haneef-Park, Liane Sato and Sue Woodstra.

“The committee had a very demanding job of pairing almost 100 nominations down to a final 27 to eventually select 15 worthy candidates by January for the SCIVBHOF honor on May 6,” said Mike Gallups, president of the SCIVBHOF.

SCIVBHOF, Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame, nominees, 2018
Group photo of the 2017 inaugural 25 Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame inductees with Lifetime Service Award recipient Elissa Sato/Ed Chan, VBshots.com

More information on the event, including purchasing tickets, can be found here. The inaugural class of 2017 inductees is covered here.

The full list of 27 2018 nominees:
Dain Blanton
Mike Bright
Patti Lucas Bright
Debbie Landreth Brown
Colonel Edward “Burt” DeGroot
Scott Fortune
Brian Gimmillaro
Mick Haley
Tayyiba Haneef-Park
Brent Hilliard
Flo Hyman
Kirk Kilgour
Ron Lang
Liz Masakayan
Nina Matthies
Duncan McFarland
Elaina Oden
Beverly Oden
Pat Powers
Jeanne Beauprey-Reeves
Larry Rundle
Steve Salmons
Eric Sato
Liane Sato
John Speraw
Ernie Suwara
Sue Woodstra

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