The entry list for AVP Austin was released Saturday and it had one notable omission:

Jake Gibb.

A two-time AVP champion in 2017, Gibb broke his toe practicing in Hermosa Beach, leaving Taylor Crabb to pick up someone and little time to do so. Good thing, then: His first choice, Tim Bomgren, was in. Bomgren is a 6-foot-4 Minnesotan who has played primarily with his brother, Brian Bomgren, with few exceptions, since 2012.

“He was actually my first choice,” Crabb said of Bomgren. “I reached out to a couple other people just in case he said no, but when he said he was in I was pretty happy. And also very grateful he said yes, because he already was signed up with someone.

“He was my first choice because I’ve always been a fan of his game. Really steady and consistent. He’s also a right side who’s a blocker, which there aren’t many of. I think we can do very well together, our games will mesh and don’t think we need any time to get used to playing with each other.”

Bomgren, 6-foot 4, has played on the AVP since 2013, with a career-best finish third place in New Orleans of 2015 coming out of the qualifier. Last season, when his brother, Brian, was injured, he picked up Curt Toppel and switched to defense, taking a fifth place in Hermosa Beach.

For the 6-foot Crabb, reverting to a smaller blocker will be nothing new. He enjoyed abundant success with his brother, Trevor, who is the same height as Bomgren. In 2016, the Crabbs made at least the semifinals in every single AVP tournament.

Gibb said he will be back to play AVP New York on June 7.


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