“So cool, so fun:” Kerri, Brooke in Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl commercial

John Cena, left, and Jimmy Fallon

Brooke Sweat didn’t mind the call that would interrupt any previously scheduled off-season plans. Never mind that her first tournament, a three-star in Australia, wouldn’t be for months, she could do a four-hour training session at Malibu’s Zuma Beach.

“It’s a no-brainer!” she said.

First, though, she had to do a quick Google search of her practice opponents, to be sure she had the right faces and names: Jimmy Fallon, and John Cena.

Yes, it was a unique training session, one that you’ll see on your televisions this Super Bowl Sunday, when the commercial that Sweat and Kerri Walsh Jennings shot alongside Fallon and Cena will air.

It’s an ad for Michelob Ultra, one of Walsh Jennings’ sponsors, where Fallon and Cena go through a variety of workouts, including running with Usain Bolt, golfing with Brooks Koepka, and playing against Walsh Jennings and Sweat.

“It was a blast, and Jimmy and John, they were just perfect for what we were doing,” Sweat said. “In the clips, you can see Jimmy hitting with a closed fist and John is just smacking the ball. It was a long day.”

Viewers of the commercial will no doubt be surprised by just how long of a day it was for Walsh Jennings and Sweat, who are currently ranked second in the U.S. Olympic race. The two had lunch, hair and makeup, and then hit the sand from 1-5:30, “digging a ton of balls,” Sweat said. “Just rep after rep.”

The commercial, in its minute-long entirety, will air just once on Super Bowl Sunday, but Michelob will use the 15-second clip of Sweat and Walsh Jennings beyond February 2.

“It all happened pretty quickly on my end,” Sweat said. “It’s so cool, so fun.”


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